Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up!

This weekend was a fun one! All the girls went to Annapolis to celebrate our dear friend Libby who is getting married in 33 days! We couldn't be more happy for her and her future hubs Patrick. 17 weeks prego I still rocked it and had a blast! 

what a was just SO nice to get out of the city...even though it rained all weekend it was nice to sit around and relax!

Here she is!!! Gearing up! 

this goblet for the bride not only held a ton of booz but flip it over and the bottom side was a shot glass :) 

the best goodie bags filled with a koozie and mallet for crab eating! 

Have a great week people! McNamara Design has a busy week with consultation and client meetings. We are also finishing up a big refinishing project and staring a huge order for outdoor rattan furniture being used for the Rehobeth Design House Regan and I are doing together! woot woot! let's get it done! 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Finds...City Shop Girl!

I am so happy to share City Shop Girl's Website! Writer for Washington City Paper and radio personality for 94.7 FM came by our boutique! I am pumped she choose to feature my dinosaur storage jars and the set of farm animal canvases! WooHoo..check it out! 

Check Out Buy DC in Washington City Paper!

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Off to Annapolis for the weekend with all my girls! Much needed weekend away :) 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Let's get organized lets get organized!

AHHH Just realized this published at 8:40 pm NOT am...sorry readers!

Im not sure if it's spring or that I'm pregnant but I'm in high gear organizing mood! Over the weekend I tackled my work space! Check it out!



Work Bench:

Tools are nice and freshly clean and organized :)

I love laying out each project and knowing what's in queue! 

Makes me happy!!! Hope everyone is having a great Thursday! Sorry I missed you got crazy at the studio :) See you soon Friday! I'm heading to Annapolis for the weekend...relaxing by the water! 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Love love love!

I came across this wainscoting on the one and only Pinterest and fell in love...not only because it looks so crisp and clean but it would be such an easy DIY! 

this will look beautiful in Boy and I's beautiful home...keep your fingers crossed we have an offer in right now!!! Ahhh the home buying process is stressful so i'm just going to think about decorating it! 

Have a good day people! We have enjoying a nice Spring Snow Storm here in DC! 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Boy and I stayed busy with dinners with his family, work, house hunting(since the house we had signed on was pulled from the market), and a fun sunday watching basketball with friends!

Here is a shot of my work space at the studio...I'm mid project organizing my paints, tools, and materials! So excited to get back in there today after a stop at home depot and the dollar store to get some organization items...more picture to come!

I have been asked by another interior designer to make custom bench cushions for this beautiful build into

Sunday we went over to our friends house after house hunting to relax and watching basketball! 

And to top off the weekend boy brought me Chinese in bed :) 

Happy Monday Notebook Readers! Hope your Monday is a bit more warm then mine here in cold DC! Spring oh spring where are you!!!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Finds...My BOUTIQUE is LIVE!!!

WOOHOO! I am so excited to share that my boutique is LIVE! You can head over and check out unique home decor items for yourself or a friend! 

Many more items will be added over the weekend too! 

Thanks for all the support!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Can't get enough!

I am so excited to have a house with my Boy to get started on all the decor! I recently helped a client who did not want an window treatments, which is totally fine, but I just love a solid touch to finish off the windows in a room. A valance or cornice is a great way to do so. 

And since I'm obsessed with the greek key I'm thinking something along these lines for our house!

for a child's room or guest room

to a master 

or bath

these window treatments are inexpensive and can be an easy DIY! So if you or any friends are against window treatments these are a good start to ease you in!

Have a good day Notebook Readers! 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Family settled in this Living Room!

I asked my client to email me pictures of a space I helped paint and help with furniture layout so excited to share the before and afters...

Navy, gray, and white all come together nicely...happy the painted build ins pop! 

Happy Wednesday People! 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Silver sage rage

I have a client that just loves Silver Sage by good old Ben Moore. she has it in her living room and dining room...and I think we will pull it into one of her powder rooms and cut it with a bit of white. 

I an happy to be helping her with a color for her kitchen and Equestrian Gray is the suggested color that compliments Silver Sage...what do you all think? I love it! 

This gray just comes off elegant and bold. Adding this one to my go to's and it does look great next to silver sage. 

have a great Tuesday! Hope the sun is warm and shining on your face bc I'm dying for a gorgeous day here in DC!

Monday, March 17, 2014


Hey Hey Notebook this Monday morning! Hope everyone is having a great day! We are ankle deep in in DC. UGh so looking forward to Spring! Cheers People!

Here is a little video I made for the flower arrangements I created for my family as St. Patrick's Day gifts :)))

May  the road rise to meet you!

Friday, March 14, 2014


AHHHHH so excited to share this big news with my amazing readers! Baby L will be joining Boy and I this September! What a year it ha been already with the studio, now baby L, and we are off looking at house! When it rains it pours! Life and God work in amazing ways :) 

Now its time to design a nursery!!!! 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Greek Key to life!

I'm so happy to share my new table design! I am calling them Greek key to life! I have to thank my amazing father in law and Boy for helping me build my prototypes but I had to put them in the art show I was in this past weekend. I hope everyone liked them as much as I do! :))) 

Once you have an idea get it done people! 

they had a break dancing team that let loss I mean GET DOWN! 

We wrapped up the weekend to cheers with the founder and designer, Maryam Montague, of the charity all proceeds went to, Project Soar! She had an amazing slideshow and made me smile knowing everyone hard work came together for an amazing cause! 

Get out there and do some good! It feels great! 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Painted Pink!

Hey Notebook Readers! So sorry for my delay this week! Boy and I had a passing in his family. Funny how an Irish funeral brings everyone together and everyone has fun singing and dancing and celebrating a life....just all for such a sad reason. But we were happy to celebrate his Aunt's life. She was an amazing person and got the send off she deserved. So cheers to you Rachael! 

So back at work I have some fun and exciting projects to share! My pieces was featured in a badass art show and I was happy to get creative. Check out one DIY I did...

How old school(for most readers) is it to cover your text books...well that is what I did with a twist. I took white butcher block. Painted it a faux bois technique and added them to hardcover books as an accessory feature in my vignette. 

Just love how it all turned out! More on the greek key tables I made tomorrow! Have a happy happy hump day! 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Finds...SwatchRoom Artist!

So I mentioned yesterday that there is an amazing art show this weekend at SwatchRoom

Check out this page featuring all the amazing artists! Just love finding new stuff to love!

you can find more info HERE
[Photo: Fabiano Amin]
FABIANO AMIN, originally from Brazil, draws inspiration from his experience growing up close to the ocean and seeing movement in dance and music. FABIANO mixes tropical colors of the beach with the craziness of a busy city in his paintings. As a lover of texture and paint, his works are full of depth and experiments with mixed media. FABIANO's paintings will be shown at SWATCHROOM's SALON ON FRIDAY NIGHT
LEAH APPEL is a commercial and fine art photographer with a BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design. After picking up a camera at age 14, she has never looked back. LEAH enjoys experimenting with alternative processes of printing photos, as this can change the look and feel of the photos. LEAH's work features colorful landscapes, portraits, and architecture and will be featured in SWATCHROOM'sSALON ON FRIDAY NIGHT.  
CAROLYN BECKER is a graduate from American University with a BA in Studio Art. CAROLYN's work engages the idea of portraiture, as she depicts the figure in a fragmented manner. CAROLYN's love for fashion, vintage items, color, scale, and pattern serves as her inspiration for her vibrant works.CAROLYN's art can be seen at SWATCHROOM's SALON ON FRIDAY NIGHT
AMY HUGHES BRADEN was trained at Corcoran College of Art & Design and makes work primarily in acrylic paintings, graphite drawings, and collage. AMY's collages are created from magazine cut outs, photos, old books, and scraps collected over the years. AMY's work contains three major themes: interpersonal relationships, pop culture and copyright issues, and stream of consciousness. AMY's work will be featured at SWATCHROOM's SALON ON FRIDAY NIGHT
PATRICK BURNS was raised in West Virginia and educated in Maine. He creates pieces from newspaper and mixed media, with a series on various AMERICAN FLAGS and ANTIQUE POPPATRICK's work will be shown at SWATCHROOM's SALON ON FRIDAY NIGHT
ELLIE DENEROFF is an artist originally from New York City. ELLIE's work is most inspired by retro concert posters, daydreams, patterns, and people I see walking on the street. She likes to pair the softness of watercolors and with crispness of ink. Her most recent works represent an intersection between the calming nature of mandalas and the energy of funk. ELLIE's paintings will be shown at SWATCHROOM'sSALON ON FRIDAY NIGHT
DOMINIQUE FIERRO is a photographer who prides herself on capturing candid moments to honestly tell a story and convey a mood. DOMINIQUE styles and creates photoshoots for individuals, families, couples, and groups. Her work seeks to empower others through self expression. DOMINIQUE's photography can be seen at SWATCHROOM's SALON ON FRIDAY NIGHT
JEREMY FLICK is known for his complex works of geometric abstraction, which are full of repetitive forms and meticulous details. His recent conceptual works, CONTRAPUNTAL DERIVATIONS, transform and manipulate anonymous images from the internet. This series focuses on the overlapping relationship of the physical object and the allusive digital source. JEREMY's work can be seen at the SWATCHROOMSALON ON FRIDAY NIGHT
DONNA K. MCGEE uses a meditative yet exciting quality in her paintings, as she deliberates the direction of the piece as she goes. Her paintings allow the viewers’ eyes to wander over the whole canvas. DONNA uses many different colors and textures to see how they will react with each other; this invokes a feeling of historical awareness, as the surface begins to look like it is rusting or peeling. DONNA's paintings will be featured in SWATCHROOM's SALON ON FRIDAY NIGHT
BRIAN PETRO credits his style of painting to the contrast between his rural Pennsylvania upbringing and the brutal reality of city life. BRIAN's work represents the path of his wandering mind. His self-education in art is something that allows him to constantly be experimenting with ideas and mediums. BRIAN was recently commissioned by Absolut to design a large scale advertising campaign. BRIAN's work will be shown at SWATCHROOM's SALON ON FRIDAY NIGHT
Cristina Steadman, a photographer and DC native, enjoys black&white, simple and clean photos. Cristina’s experience in photography has given her an exceptional eye for design - she has spent most of her career in design and merchandising. She spends most of her free time shooting and editing photos. Cristina’s work will be on display at SWATCHROOM's SALON ON FRIDAY NIGHT
[Photo: Radio Sebastian]
Corwin Levi is a visual artist whose work, as part of the art collaborative RADIO SEBASTIAN with Yumiko Blackwell, is project-based and moves from looking at ruptured walls to finding faint fields to investigating gin piles to seeing how long people can exhale for shine. RADIO SEBASTIAN's work will be show at SWATCHROOM's SALON ON FRIDAY NIGHT
FAWNA XAIO is a printmaker with a great respect for ink and paper; she takes pride in the process of making prints by hand. FAWNA is fascinated with geology and geography, and is able to portray the colors found in glaciers and mountains in a beautiful, minimal fashion. Fawna’s work will be displayed atSWATCHROOM's SALON ON FRIDAY NIGHT
To purchase your Salon tickets, CLICK HERE. See you this weekend!