Friday, August 29, 2014

With an Excited Heart...

I will be starting my maternity leave September 1st. I will miss blogging and sharing my DIY tips, faux painting projects, and before/after furniture rehab shots for the next couple weeks. Please check back in with me in at the end of September!
If you live locally to DC please head over to Regan & Meaghan to sign up for our weekly newsletter and sign up for our art and design classes, as well as check out our amazing line up of events this Fall!
HAPPY FRIDAY! GO & Get Creative People!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Claire Harvey photography!

Our  NEW artist of the month is Claire Harvey! Check out her event September 26th from 6:30-9:30!


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

MiraJean Designs!

Excited to show you a project in the making :) This combines a new line of fabric that we will be selling exclusively at Regan & Meaghan!
Love this thrifted chair I thought too! I have a pair of these pairs that will be on sale starting September.
the chairs will be going high gloss white with this amazing fabric!!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Finds...Press Release!

SO pumped that its Friday and that w are featured in the Washingtonian Magazine magazine!!!
or read it here!
Regan & Meaghan
4216-B Howard Ave., Kensington; 301-509-1098
While this design shop may lack curbside charm—a neon-pink stripe and painted ga-rage door point you to its entrance, in an alley off Kensington’s warehouse district—the sprightly collection makes up for it in spades. Furniture rehabber Meaghan McNamara and interior designer Regan Billingsley put every inch of the space to use as a workshop, studio, boutique, and entertaining space (they host private events and “wine and design” classes). Preppy patterns abound: ikat, polka dots, lobster prints, and plenty of chevrons. Mixed in are fair-trade knit children’s toys, pop art, and McNamara’s cheerfully refurbished furnishings.
$115, Lacquered box set at Regan & Meaghan | $60, Hand-painted pitcher at Regan & Meaghan | Photographs by Jeff Elkins.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pretty Ballarina Closet Doors!

Growing up I wasn't much of a girlie girl but I have to say this little girls room I just painted in would be amazing to call my own...when I was little :)
The room is designed by my business partner, Regan Billingsley, it is made up if light pinks, gold, and touches of cream. I painted the closet door detail to reflect those happy with the end product!
Love the light pink and gold trim on the door!
This same concept translates into your home...Boy and I have completed this on our closet doors in a more mature manner...check out some other inspiration pics.
So if you live in the DMV area and want your closet doors painted give McNamara Design  call or email us!!!
Happy Painting!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Hey Notebook Readers! Hope everyone has had a good start to their week! Today I'm excited to share the stained wooden valances I made for our bedroom.
I used a 12' x 12" piece of pine. I cut it down to be 4" wider on either side of the window measuring 60" I then cut down the leftover wood to two 6" pieces. I then screwed in the two side pieces to make an L shape on either side. I then stained the valances with walnut stain.
 Check it out!

Happy with the outcome! I also added a curtain rod holder to the inside and hung some gray panels...perfect frame for the bassinet.
20 days till Boy and I have baby L home:) hopefully! And if he/she decided to come earlier then that I won't complain :)))

Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Finds...Our Prints!

So we have sold these amazing prints in our shop since we opened and I just caught them on Apartment Therapy!
So if you are local stop on  by the shop this weekend!
4216B Howard Ave, Kensington, MD 20895

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hear me Roar!

I have been working on a painting the last couple weeks and finally finished it over the weekend. I found the most perfect pot for it at the nursery!
Get Creative people!


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pulls don't have to be pricey!

Happy Wednesday Notebook Readers! I am so sorry for my delay this week...I had a huge weekend around the house...honey do list before the Baby!
One item Boy and I checked off was applying the new pulls we purchased for the newly painted cabinets. I wanted something different and unique but inexpensive...hard to so sometimes but I came up with an awesome option. Boy and I spend a lot of time of and by the water so what better then use boat cleats! For .99 each we did the whole kitchen for under $25!
Check it out!
Very happy with how they turned out!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

DIY ALERT...Pretty Pulls!

I am excited to share this DIY! As many of you know I am having a baby in a couple weeks...nesting is out of control. I feel like DIYers and nesting are like a superpower :) I painted the Hemnes three drawers dress from IKEA a Ben Moore color called Fun N Games, which turned out beautiful! I wanted to add some fun pulls but nothing store bought.
I came across these small figurines in the studio that we use for different projects and got inspired!! That was it!

I really don't have a theme for the nursery but there is an underlying presence of animals. So it works perfectly.
I used a drill bit to place a small hole in the back side of each animal. Remember to lay out how you want your animals before drilling...I wanted mine facing each other so I laid them out in that order...just easy to follow so you don't drill out the wrong side.
do not go all the way through because then it will ruin the front side :) If you are shaky with the drill I'd get a couple extra plastic animals. You can buy a whole sleeve of them at your local box art store like AC Moore or Michaels.
Next I placed a drop of super glue in the hole the placed the screw into the whole...some required a little hammer action to push the screw more into the hole you drilled. The screw should match up to the size of your drill bit!
I then spray painted them metallic gold, once dried I placed the screw into the drawer hole and used the matching bolt to secure....check it out!
So happy with the outcome! I think I need to start selling them at the shop! Would you buy them?
Happy DIYing!!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Faux Bois Finish!

Here is a finish I love to complete...faux bois!
you can try this finish by using a special takes practice but it is fun once you get the technique down!
this dresser just sold...onto the next one!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Fresh find for less!

I picked up this metal rattan bookshelf and then saw Apartment Therapy post about one they found :) Get their look for les with McNamara Design!!!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Vacation comes to a close...

I just love summer and spending time with my hubs, family, and friends is what its all about!
Here are some pics from our relaxing time in NY
boy and my brother in law on the boat :)
heading to dry land!
the fire island lighthouse!
boy and I enjoying the thankful it wasn't too hot! 8 months prego!
So excited to share some new projects this week!
Happy Monday Notebook Readers!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I'll be Back!

I'm headed out Notebook Readers...taking a nice long summer vacation with my family and some friends. Heading to a small island off the coast of Long Island, NY.
Davis Park, Fire Island, NY
Fire Island, NY
If you ever get to go please will change your outlook on what a vacation should be.
I'll be back the 28th!
Happy Summer People!!!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Finds...Twisted Aristocrat!!!!

I am soooo happy to hare this new vendor in the boutique! Twisted Aristocrat! Check out some of their goods...


love these funky bracelets
leather twisted necklaces!!!!
So if you are local...stop in and check it out!
4216B Howard Ave
Kensington | MD
or if you see something you like email me!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Create a Stencil and get painting!

I love a fun stencil and granted they aren't that expensive...Id rather make I myself! Here is a "how to" to make a quatrefoil stencil!
I used a bowl, a piece of cardboard, a ruler, and a pencil/marker to create my stencil
I measured out the square first then traced the bowl in the middle of each side of the square

I cut it out with scissors or you could use an exacto knife as well

Then got painting! I used a chip brush because I was painting on cinder block walls, which is never easy!
The color I used is called Fun n Games Ben Moore! Just makes the space happy!
Tomorrow is Friday...Boy and I are beach bound! Happy Summer!
Enjoy your day people!