Wednesday, October 31, 2012

China Cabinet Rehab!

I hope all my readers are safe and dry this morning...the calm after the storm has now hit DC. We are back at work with small power outages and fallen trees. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in NY & NJ!
To bring it back this week I'm writing about this old 70's style china cabinet I rehabbed on Saturday. It has many unique lines and details on the face of the drawer and cabinets. Check out the before and afters...more details like the backsplash of the upper cabinet and the pulls will be revealed later on!





So Notebook readers if you have a fav old piece and hate the look of it...remember a fresh coat of paint can go a long way! As seen above! Love the white clean look now! 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Surviving Sandy!

Hi Notebook Readers! Sorry I've been MIA but boy and I have been surviving Sandy here in DC! Our thoughts and prayers to everyone up north! Especially those on the NYC, the Jersey Shore, Long Island, and Fire Island.

Be back tomorrow! 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Finds...Barn Yard Thrifting!

As some of you may have read at the beginning of the weeks went to a barn yard sale last weekend in Deep Creek Lake, MD. So many fun and unique items... So this Friday Finds features some new additions to the apartment! 

Some miners lamps give an ode to boy's West Virgina days! $12 each! 

I'm obsessed with this $15 find! An old surveying tripod will make the perfect base for a new floor lamp...just add a light kits and a drum lamp and ou have a brand new light fixture for your home! Best part is that the adjustable legs are in mint condition! This has to be my favorite! 

Love this old scale! It's hanging in the kitchen but will be finding a new home in boy's mothers kitchen! It will be the perfect addition! Don't mind the dishes! 

Happy Friday Notebook Readers! 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dresser Rehab!

Just picked up this amazing vintage Thomasville dresser from a client. It has great bones but doesn't go with the pink, green, and white color scheme of their little girls room. I am excited to tackle this piece today giving it a fresh coat of white paint and trimming out the details on the face of the drawers with a light pink.
I will also be replacing the pulls with painted wooden knobs I bought at a big box store for $1.67!
I can't wait to get creative with the design of the many options!
Hand Painted Knobs- Pink Parfait Assorted Knobs Stripes, Polka Dots and Plaid-Size 1 1/2 inch- Hand Painted Drawer Knobs -Set of 10
Kid Knobs- Children's Drawer Knobs- Hand Painted Wood Knobs - Stripes, Polka Dot and Plaid Knobs Pink and Green - Size 2 inches-SET OF 12
Hand Painted Children's Knobs- Pink, Blue, Lime Green Polka Dots and Stripes Combination Knobs 1 1/2" Wooden Drawer Knobs- SET OF 12
Happy Painting Notebook Readers!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Christmas at Cummings Collection!

Hey Notebook readers! Today' feature is of a great boutique trunk show thrown by my bestie Kerry's Mom! It's right in Chevy Chase/DC area! Check out all the goodies!

If you live in the DC area and would like to stop by their show today or tomorrow shoot me and email!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial Finds...Modest Maven!

I have been teaching myself different techniques when it comes to reupholstering and so has Modest Maven! Check out this tutorial on reupholstering a wing back chair and start being ambitious!
  Fabric: I used 6.5 yards of home decor fabric (fyi, carries Dwell Studio home fabric)
Batting: 6 yards of 8 oz poly batting (about 1 inch thick
Cording: 12 yards
Metal Tack Strips: 3 (1 cut to size for the outside of arm sides, 2 for back of chair)
Cardboard Tack Strip: 3 yards
Curve Ease: 4 feet (for outside of wings)
Staples: a lot, a lot, a lot
Medium or High Density Foam: 1 3/4 yard of 4-inch thick foam (24 inch wide) and 2 yards of 1-inch thick foam (24 inches wide)
Paint for the chair legs: Valspar high gloss latex enamel paint (Black)
If you're smarter than me, you would have found a chair with the foam intact and this would be your starting point (not to mention, saving yourself $100). OH! and springs... make sure none of the springs are broken. Bad springs or bad foam... just walk away. This picture also shows the new seat bottom and front. I cushioned the front with 1" foam and a layer of batting before putting on the front piece as shown. The seat cover sits directly on the springs and is composed of a layer of wool felt, a layer of batting, and the gray wool you see on top. Why did I use wool? Because that's what I happened to have in my fabric stash. Muslin would work equally as well.
*Note: The inside wings, inside arm and bottom front got 1" foam and the chair back and seat cushion got 4" foam.
Even if your foam is good, I recommend replacing your batting. The batting will add about $25 to your costs, but it gives your foam a nicer finished look and adds a flattering loft to your chair. At this stage, I put the batting everywhere except the back. Do not staple the batting on the outside arm piece to the bottom of your chair yet.
Here is my seat cushion, layered with batting on each side. Have you ever tried cutting 4-inch foam? Do yourself a favor and use an electric knife (yes, the one you use to carve the Thanksgiving Turkey).
After layering the batting on each side, I wrapped my cushion with another layer of batting. There is a special adhesive that you can use to apply the batting to the foam, but since this is my first and last reupholstering project, I decided to save the $10 and do a quick hand-stitching along the edges. Voila:
Next I prepped my cording using this fantastic tutorial. I almost had an aneurysm trying to wrap my brain around this concept, but once I figured it out, it changed my life forever. It takes the tediousness out of making bias tape and I'm very excited about that. Please refer to the same tutorial for guidance on making your seat cushion cover.
Each chair is a little different, but on my chair, the inside wing piece was sewed to the inside arm piece. The original chair covered the front of the arm as a separate piece, which was nailed in place. I opted to sew my arm front to my inside arm piece beforehand because I liked the look of it better. Use your old pieces as a pattern (you'll have to seam rip them apart first in this case). Once you have your new inside arm/wing pieces sewn together, center the arm/wing seam (mine has cording there) and start attaching from that point.
If you look at the wooden frame picture above, then you'll notice openings at the back, bottom and sides of the frame. This is where everything slides through. Tuck your excess fabric through those openings and those will be pulled taut and stapled last. First do the inside arm/wing sides and next do the chair back.
See all the excess fabric hanging out the back and side? Pull the heck out of it and staple them in place after you've stapled around everywhere else as shown.
After you've stapled the fabric to the back, bottom and sides of the frame, feel free to trim away the excess.
Next I stapled on my cording in one continuous strip along the sides and back.
Next, watch this Curve Ease tutorial and use this technique to put on the outside wings. Staple your curve ease snug against your cording. I applied more batting as shown in the video (so my outside wings had double batting), crimped the curve ease along the wing, then stapled the sides to the back of the chair taut.
I didn't take a picture of applying the outside arm piece because at this point I could see the light at the end of the tunnel and I was too dang excited to take pictures. I used cardboard tack strip along the top of the outside arm (snug against the underarm rest). Then watch this video and use the same principle to apply a metal tack strip to the front arm side and staple along bottom and chair back. I had to cut my metal tack strip to size for this part.
Refer to the same video to put on your chair back. Turn your chair upside down and staple on a dust cover (really, you can use any fabric for this... muslin would work fine).
And there you have it... my total cost of reupholstering this wingback chair was about $225, plus 25 hours of hard labor (my poor blistered hands... it's a miracle they're not marred by staple holes). If I were to take this in to be professionally done, it would have cost at least $400 PLUS cost of fabric ($100) so $500 total. Before taking on this project, I would have thought that price was ridiculously high. Now it seems a bit low. Kudos to professional upholsterers.
Thanks Modest Maven! Head over to their website and checkout the many more amazing projects they are working on!!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up!

This weekend boy and I went to Deep Creek Lake, MD and then headed down to Morgantown for the WV football game with his cousins! And we went to the most amazing barn yard sale that I will be featuring later this many great finds!
so relaxing sitting by the lake on a crisp fall day! the leaves were beautiful!
We were invited to spend the afternoon before he game in the United Bank tent and not only did the marching band show up the Governor of WV did too!
Happy Monday(well as happy as a Monday can get)! I have some fun painting and sewing projects this week! Can't wait to share!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Finds...Capitale!

Check out the lounge I have been working on with O'Neill StudiosCapitale just opened on K Street, Washington, DC. And has some amazing features. It's all about the details people!
here is the DJ booth flanked by the emerald velvet panels I made with gold band/trim. you can see the amazing accessories formulated by O'Neill studios on the library bookshelves I painted!
check out this wall and the paint stars on the couch...LOVE! This couch is settled in next to the gold chairs I painted for this project, as well as the throw pillows I made!

love the lobby entry way!

what detail in this wall! The mirrors reflect the light and open up the space! How about the striped ceiling? So bold and adds another layers of depth.
And who it's staring at this unique bench? This was created by using two old dining room chairs! 

little touches. huge impact!

 I'm obsessed with this gold geometric pattern! And the creative, unique way OS disguised the columns!

here is a shot of the coat room where I sewed some lushish balck velvet panels!

and lastly...the Men's room! Love these color combos and preppy approach!
Head down to K Street and check it out!!!