Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Finds...Champagne & Crayons!

Check it local Notebook Readers! Champagne & Crayons is the new hot spot for DC Moms! Listing all your must needs! From play to care!
Head over and check it out!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Velvet & Greek Key

Check out these greek key pink velvet throw pillows trimmed out in a navy velvet ribbon greek key. They are for a clients formal living room...every formal living room needs some velvet right? especially pink! I'm excited to see how they fit into her new space!
after cutting out a 16" x 16" square of the pink velvet I used a template(out of cardboard measured to make each greek key equally) to trace the pattern onto the pillow, a trick my Mom taught me which is a huge time saver! Thanks Mom!  

Having the pattern traced on made it much easier to sew the greek key around instead of having to pin the ribbon down

Then use a straight edge to fold the ribbon over to make a clean right angle...another Mom Tip!

This tip makes life SO much easier!And makes the greek key turns perfection!

 The keys seem a bit bunched, but they will smooth out once in their new homes! Sorry the pics are a little dark I promise some brighter ones! more pics to come!

Happy Sewing Notebook Readers!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Meeble Mail is a Must!

Love love love this site! They have custom email letterheads that spruce or personalize any email! Check out the ones I got!
Nina Dunhill Orange Rings Email Stationery


Linda & Harriett Green Elephants Email Stationery
Jack and Lulu Green Lattice Email Stationery
Jack and Lulu Navy Dots Email Stationery

Jack and Lulu Orange Tiles Email Stationery
Head over and check out MeebleMail! Great way to add a personal touch to your everyday emails!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Latest Soriee!

Over the weekend we celebrated my little sister and her fiances engagement! The theme we came up with was "from Maine to Maryland" since Chris is from Maine and Cate is from Maryland. The color scheme is black, white, and gold...Check out the decor!
check out the runner my Mom made to go with the color scheme

we had Maryland crab dip for Cate

and Maine lobster dip for Chris

I added streamers to the bay some of you have read before...streamers are cheap and add a fun party decor to your home!

the lobster and buoy pillows were a hit! I custom painted these for the couple as their favor from the party!


we made a custom drink bar featuring the couples fav drinks...which was a hit!
and the custom "Maine to Maryland" favor cups are a great way to incorporate your theme, use at your party, and send home with your guests!

Happy Party Planning Notebook Readers!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Terrific pair!

I was hired by a client to paint these amazeball side tables! They are heavy duty and great quality. Their finish needs a fresh coat of white paint and they will be good as new! Love these guys...can't wait to make them up!



Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Finds...Leftovers.

Hey Notebook readers! I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving filled with safe travels and full stomachs! I'm sitting on the couch looking forward to lunch and an incredible turkey leftover sandwich.
Pinned Image
Happy Friday Notebook Readers!
Enjoy the holiday weekend with your friends and family!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Buoy & Gul

So pumped about the outcome of this DIY project! As some of you have read last week I saw these buoy throw pillows on Etsy that I loved and after receiving some free cream linen from my amazing mom I gave it a shot! Check out the results!
Sorry about the upside down picture but my comp is being crazy this morning. Anywho I did a band of navy and red for these pillows that I am gifting to my sis and her fiance. The zip codes I painted on them are of his zip in ACK and ours in Lewes. Such a fun project...I ready to make some more custom ones!
Want a buoy pillow? Contact McNamara Design

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wreath Wrap Up!

Entering into the holiday season boy and I always love to decorate! It is all about details! One of the most important decorations for us is the front door wreath! It is one of the first things your guest look at...check out some wreaths I found that are contenders this year!
Fresh Boxwood Holly Wreath
This fresh boxwood is always a classic go to!
Happy Holidays Christmas Wreath, Holiday Wreath, Christmas Home Decor, Hydrangea Wreaths, Front Door Wreath, BLACK ETSY Promo
Medium (14") Wooden Monogram-Ready to Paint-Perfect for Spring Wreaths and more
What type of wreath do you and your family like? So many options and so many opportunities to turn an expensive wreath into a DIY project!
Like the holly berry wreath! Check out your local art store for fake berry branches, wire them together in a circular pattern, and hang a grosgrain ribbon...Tis' the season Notebook Readers!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Lobsters and crabs oh my!

My little sister and her finance have their engagement party this weekend and we are having a Maine to Maryland theme party, which obviously involves anything crab and lobsters! 

I decided to make some custom pillows for the party hat they can take home and use! 

Check them out...I used cream linen fabric and metallic gold paint!

I'm having my mom monogram both on the back back the latitude and longitude of their church location in black! Details details details! Happy DIYing!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Finds...MUR!

Calling all renters! Checkout these amazing adhesive wallpaper designs by MUR! It is a renters dream to spruce up the walls and when its time to leave...just peel them off and bring them with you to the next place!


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bouy Pillow DIY!

I'm so excited to try to make these buoy pillows tonight! My little sister got engaged and is having a party over Thanksgiving weekend to celebrate! Her soon to be hubbie is from Maine and we are from MD. SO I thought it would be cute to do a set of pillows, one with a lobster and one with a crab, as well as these buoy pillows!
Maine Lobster Buoy Pillow  ANY COLOR you choose. gifts under 25 dollars. customized gift. buoy.
Her fiance actually summers in Nantucket and we have our house in Lewes so I may use those zip codes! More pics to come!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Simple Shelf!

I love placing servers and other long tables behind couches to create some detail and interest and more importantly light or height! I saw this last night and I just love the idea! So simple and so necessary for small spaces!
Pinned Image
They took a 2 X 6 from any local hardware store, stained it, and hung it by L-brackets to their wall creating a custom sofa table for their space!
Just another way to save space, create a point of interest, and save $$$!
Happy DIYING!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sign Letters!

I absolutely love big statements throughout the home one being the use of oversized old sign letters!
Pinned Image
there are so many options now online to buy them for your home!
check out what I found!
Large Industrial Vintage Metal Wall Letter R- Salvage Sign Letter
Sign Letter A
Vintage Sign Letter, Capital K
The options are endless! Here are a couple ways I've seen them being used lately!
Pinned Image
As an alphabet wall in the nursery!
in you living room!
or in the bedroom
These letters give your home a more personal get adventurous and see what you can find!