Thursday, November 29, 2012

Velvet & Greek Key

Check out these greek key pink velvet throw pillows trimmed out in a navy velvet ribbon greek key. They are for a clients formal living room...every formal living room needs some velvet right? especially pink! I'm excited to see how they fit into her new space!
after cutting out a 16" x 16" square of the pink velvet I used a template(out of cardboard measured to make each greek key equally) to trace the pattern onto the pillow, a trick my Mom taught me which is a huge time saver! Thanks Mom!  

Having the pattern traced on made it much easier to sew the greek key around instead of having to pin the ribbon down

Then use a straight edge to fold the ribbon over to make a clean right angle...another Mom Tip!

This tip makes life SO much easier!And makes the greek key turns perfection!

 The keys seem a bit bunched, but they will smooth out once in their new homes! Sorry the pics are a little dark I promise some brighter ones! more pics to come!

Happy Sewing Notebook Readers!!!

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