Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Frame + Foto of The Day!

Glass Picture Frame in Yellow

This yellow frame will compliment my foto of the day featuring my Nana and her nephew, Johnny. Nana turned 85 this past weekend and we all fought Irene to get to Bmore to celebrate. What a fun weekend of family! 

Rehab Complete

So I found this chair down at a thrift shop in DE 2 weeks ago and it is finally complete!

I painted the chair in a high gloss navy and realized it was a little too bright so added a light coat of the saem blue mixed with a small part black.

the Before

remove seat

remove needle pointed seat from other thrift store find

removed meedle point from seat frame

spray chair with primer

pour and mix paint for chair

a little too blue

so I added a slight amount of black to give it a darker look

the After!

Can't wait to give it to my good family friend for his B-Day!

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Finds...Secretly Fancy!

Welcome Secretly Fancy to The Notebook! One of my clients started this blog and it is fun and light to look through love her header!

who: candace brooke ourisman; a curious young lady What: images that make me stop and smile, laugh, question and most of all inspire where: here, at this secretly fancy blog why: why not?

if this one below knows whats good for it, it will have a thick white stripe on the sides



i derive inspiration from many sources, but one thing that really makes me feel excited is a good old pickup truck and i don’t mean a few years old… i mean elderly. i am slightly obsessed with the image of a gorgeous chick stepping out of a beat up pickup truck. it’s the whole beauty and the beast thing… perhaps the reason that i love pickup trucks so much is because they have so much soul… so much life… it looks like they could tell the most amazing stories, because they have seen it all. there is nothing with more grit than a good old pickup. i also love how depending on the color it takes a different vibe. i of course am a sucker for the green and turquoise ones…. in my opinion chevy makes the best and i have a fantasy of receiving one for a present, maybe a 10 year anniversary gift from my husband… hey, a gal can dream.



Danika Cheryle's Overlay company is a hit in my mind and super easy to apply to any piece in your home. My brain is rattling with ideas! Can't wait to make some thrift store purchases and jazz 'em up with her overlays!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Frame + Foto of the Day!

Hand-painted blue butterfly, art deco red frame, butterfly image square  2.5 x 2.5

The frame of the day is a steal over at Etsy. I love the geometric pattern! And works perfectly with Austin's bathing suit! Austin is like my brother, our mother's have been best friends since college. This is Austin reeling in a big one up at Deep Creek...a big branch that is...he got the line caught on a tree...most hilarious moment of the vaca! 

OKL finds

I go on One Kings Lane pretty much every week to check out their sales because you can find some goodies over there for a deal! Today I saw these and love the elements of wood and metal...these trays would be perfect for any coffee table or server!

Jujuy Rectangular Tray, Black Goat Horn
24x8 Wooden Misiones Tray

Cachi Oval Bowl, Black Goat Horn

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A little Irish ditty

So here is what we have been cooking over at Irish Whiskey, a bar I am helping O'Neill Studios complete! Love these finds for the space! 

The wall mounted oscillating fan is pretty cool but I have to say the gold pendent is my favorite...I see it over a dining room table or over an island making a bold statement in any kitchen! And these little burnt orange pendents remind me of a helium tank top right?!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Frame + Foto of the Day!

5 x 7 Green and Blue Picture Frame

The frame is a 5 x 7 glass frame from good old Etsy. And the foto of the day is of boy and our good friend Lexie! He just took the bar exam and this was one of his first weekends to chill at the beach! We were all out on the boat in Lewes, DE! 

Gift Giving!

So one of my closest family friends birthday is approaching and after decorating his bedroom what better gift to give is a something that will add even more comfort into the space. I found two chairs thrifting this past weekend in Bethany Beach, DE, Dewey Beach, DE, and Lewes, DE. My mom and I had a blast combing through thrift stores like ACTS, St. Ann's Church Thrift, and New Life Thrift. Let's just say I have memories of searching through ACTS as a kid! 

So I found this chair first and it was a diamond in the rough...the seat is needle pointed with my friends last name initial B! 

We decided for $30 the needle point was worth it! Next I found this detailed wooden arm chair and thought thats it...So the rehab began...

I first removed the seat

Then removed the needle point from the original seat while my liquid sand was drying. I highly suggest using this product instead of sanding with sand paper. The process is much much quicker. 

After prepping the chair with liquid sander the chair and I hit the spray booth with some primer

Now came the fun part spraying the chair with Night Watch by Behr # 610D-7

now trust when I say it seems much lighter in the spray can because of the metal surrounding it

one more coat will put on tomorrow while the needle point seat is at the dry cleaner cross your fingers valet dry cleaning in Glover Park, DC can get it looking new!

Final product pics to come!

Sorry about no post yesterday...first day back at school! No kiddies...just organizing so the mayhem hasn't begun just yet!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Features...Danielle Oakley Interiors!

I am happy to have Danielle Oakley Interiors as our Friday Feature! Love this easy refinish project! What a difference!

My Mom and I finally finished our painting projects.
Remember how we bought a paint sprayer? Yes, I am still obsessed.
I can't believe how easy it was.
More on that tomorrow, I will share my paint spraying tips with you :)

We painted a china hutch, coffee table, and an old desk.
Here is the china hutch before:

And after:

We chose a bright aqua blue,  I love how fun and playful the color is.
Here is the room before:

And after:

We painted the coffee table a crisp white, added a couple accessories and pillows from TJ Maxx, and a cowhide rug to the floor that my mom had lying around the cabin.

The pillows were definitely the inspiration for the new color palette.

I love how fresh the blue cabinet looks with the crisp white interior.

Isn't it amazing what a little paint can do for a room?


My mom still has plans to replace the brown sofa with a white one, but I think our mini makeover was a success.

Now what to spray paint next....

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Danielle Oakley Interiors Giveaway!

Danielle Oakley's Blog is one of my favs and she is having a giveaway! So go check it out and enter to win...her designs are amazing!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Yes Please

Don't know about you guys but I'm obsessed with TOMS and just ordered 2 more pairs one being these amazing yellow cords

and the exciting news is that you not only can give someone the gift of shoes but now you can give them eye wear. TOMS has started a new program that mimics their shoe charity for eye wear and their collection is amazing

So head over to TOMS!