Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gift Giving!

So one of my closest family friends birthday is approaching and after decorating his bedroom what better gift to give is a something that will add even more comfort into the space. I found two chairs thrifting this past weekend in Bethany Beach, DE, Dewey Beach, DE, and Lewes, DE. My mom and I had a blast combing through thrift stores like ACTS, St. Ann's Church Thrift, and New Life Thrift. Let's just say I have memories of searching through ACTS as a kid! 

So I found this chair first and it was a diamond in the rough...the seat is needle pointed with my friends last name initial B! 

We decided for $30 the needle point was worth it! Next I found this detailed wooden arm chair and thought thats it...So the rehab began...

I first removed the seat

Then removed the needle point from the original seat while my liquid sand was drying. I highly suggest using this product instead of sanding with sand paper. The process is much much quicker. 

After prepping the chair with liquid sander the chair and I hit the spray booth with some primer

Now came the fun part spraying the chair with Night Watch by Behr # 610D-7

now trust when I say it seems much lighter in the spray can because of the metal surrounding it

one more coat will put on tomorrow while the needle point seat is at the dry cleaner cross your fingers valet dry cleaning in Glover Park, DC can get it looking new!

Final product pics to come!

Sorry about no post yesterday...first day back at school! No kiddies...just organizing so the mayhem hasn't begun just yet!

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