Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial!

Hi Meaghan Fans! I'm honored to be posting over here for Tuesday Tutorials!

My husband and I were searching for our first house just 6 short months ago. One thing I always knew I wanted was a cute little front porch. And, I got what I wanted - a cute little front porch! With that porch, we needed some seating and where else did I turn, but to Craigslist. Rarely does a search on Craiglist fail me and this time was no different.

A few bucks and a short road trip later and this set was sitting on our front porch

As you can see, it was looking pretty worn out. Spray paint comes in handy for so many other things, I figured it could do the trick for this patio set as well.

After removing the slings from the chairs, I spray painted a coat of primer and then white paint. Next I used a cardboard stencil to paint yellow stripes for added charm. The wood was spruced up with a coat of stain (after sanding of course) and then a few sprayed coats of sealant. To add a little more fun to the set, I painted the table yellow as well.

I smile each time I pull up to the house - what isn't there to smile about when a cute front porch is combined with yellow striped chairs?
Thanks D and B for guest posting on The Notebook!!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Bargain Blog!

Alessa Blue Pocelain Lamp

I found this lamp over at The Cross for $495.00...ugh too much! I did some browsing around the internet and found the saem exact lamp on sale at The Lamp Store through Amazon for $380.00. Definitely a savings but to get the same look I found the following blue porcelain lamps for all under $200!

Blue & White Porcelain Cover Jar Lamp


East Enterprises Blue & White Porcelain Jar Oriental Table Lamp With Blue Finish

1. $103.00 2. $145.00 3. $146.00

Always remember that you can replace any lamp shade for a more contemporary looking one!!!

Happy Bargain Blogging!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

To all the men who have served in the past, present, and future.

Happy Memorial Day

Friday, May 27, 2011

Frame + Foto of the Day!

Waterford Lismore Bead Silver Frame 8 x 10"

Love this Waterford frame! Check out my dad on the left hanging out with his bestie, who is my best friend Claire's dad...everyone following! Both named Paul! Love this picture of the two of them...shows how special friendship over years and years can be! Cheers to our amazing Dad's!

Friday Find...Design Blooms!

Welcome Design Blooms to Friday Finds Designer!!! I love Nicole's blog so definitely check it out. We are so happy to have her featured today! Happy Friday!

1. What inspires you as a designer? That is a tough one...I find it everywhere..in old vintage stores, magazines, art fabric, basically, if it speaks to me then it inspires me in some way. Here's an example of how a picture from a resort inspired a stencil wall.

2. What is your favorite pattern or print currently? Loving Ikat, and any bold or graphic print.

3. Where do you find your bargains? What have you bought recently that was a bargain find? I'm obsessed with Craigslist and Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta. I recently found an amazing vintage bamboo dresser for $50, I'm currently giving it new life!

4. What is your most proud DIY project? What was the most important lesson you learned? I'm most proud of our kitchen renovation. With big projects, it's best to call in extra friends or family that have the know how that can help. I was surprised at how much I was able to do (like taking down a wall) but we definitely needed extra hands with the more serious stuff like plumbing, electrical, and installing floors.


Thanks so much Meaghan!

More Moore & Moore Please

Adore online mag has featured an amazing Aussie wallpaper company Moore & Moore love their designs. This purple damask with the gold accent has got to be my favorite! Perfect in a dining room!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Frame + Foto of the Day!

So the frame is at a steal at $7.75...love a great deal! And the foto of the day is of a wonderful dog I have grown up with Clancy! Love her with all my might!

This is a picture of my best friends wedding day and my mom monogrammed a great bog navy ribbon with the wedding date on it! Clancy looked so cute that day...brings smiles to my face just looking at it!

Craigslist Find Complete!

So the new entertainment center is complete and in the living room! Now all I have to do is to re-work the frames on the wall to create a more flowing pattern that compliments the new taller piece!

I stored all the electrontics in the cabinet section and I am using the drawers for DVD storage and my serving pieces that I seem to not have enough room for in my apartment until now!

The drawers may receive an  upgrade by lining them with the same fabric I used on the doors but that can wait until a rainy day or summer day off...16 days encounting!

Give me the blues

After Hodge:Podge's post with the Schumacher fabric swatch I started exploring their wall coverings which is a fun way to add texture and color into a space. Here are a couple that I love...I have got to go with the navy paisley print for sure!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Notebook

Farewell Oprah!

Sorry to be cheesey but I'd like to say farewell to Oprah today....being my 4pm TV slot/unwind from school spot...she has given many people a reason and purpose in life. Kudos to all her efforts!

Frame + Foto of the Day!

11x14 turquoise rustic stacked pine picture frame . handmade .

The frame of the week (needs to find its way onto my living room shelf) is made by DA Custom Frames. But more importantly the foto of the day is of my sister and my best friend Claire's nephew, Bear! What a smile! Lookin' cool Bear! 

Getting Hot in Here!

So I am not a huge fan of ceiling fans but I love them on front and back porches! I thought that since it is getting warm out and the summer is finally arriving I'd feature a couple contempory fans! Got to love the double fan!

1.  2.  3. 4. 5. 

House of Fifty Blog!

The Notebook is excited to learn that House of Fifty  online mag has started a blog!

House of Fifty Blog
Definitely head over and check it out!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Frame + Foto of the Day!

So I got a little heat over the weekend about my slacking of Frame + Foto of the day and I admit that I totally have...

So here is one of my fav Paula Prass frames that is fun and whimsical just as we were all feeling on Saturday at my best friend, Kerry's wedding!

Featured in the foto are Claire and Quinn all decked out for the 7pm DC wedding! We had a blast and can't wait for many more celebrations in life together!

Welcome to Tuesday Tutorial!

Tuesday's are now going to be a fun packed day here at The Notebook.

With Tidy It Up Tuesday as a helpful organization piece for readers...I have added a Tuesday Tutorial piece that will be informational to all our readers! So for the first time let's welcome Hodge:Podge!

I *Heart* Chiang Mai Dragon

I am in love with the Chiang Mai Dragon print from Schumacher. I'll take it in any colour. The colors and patterns are so rich and luxurious.
I don't care it is everywhere.
I *heart* it.

When I went shopping with two blog buddies to a fabric wholesaler, I was thrilled when Karla, managed to snag me not only one but TWO samples! If you recall, there were grommets in the fabric. I guess they thought that would deter anyone from making anything with it. They didn't know who they were dealing with when they gave it to me.

A grommet? I can deal with that.

Scissors were involved...

After a little snipping, patchwork and sumptuous trim, one pillow is finished.

I even sewed an invisible zipper

{Please, hold the applause}

This fabulous pillow cost this frugal gal very little.
While Chiang Mai Dragon can run about $250/yard {you heard me right}, this piece cost me


I bought a yard of linen to match for $15/yd {only used half a yard = $7.50}}
Invisible zipper: $1.50
Navy velvet ribbon: $4.00
Ikea pillow insert: $6.00

Total cost: $19.00

Hubby will like that :)

Thanks Hodge Podge for stopping by for your pillow tutorial!!! I love it! And even better I just found the same piece of fabric in my mother's car over the weekend! She is a seamstress and can't wait to share this post by Hodge Podge with her!

Tidy It Up Tuesday!

Love this garage! Designed for any gardening enthusiast...it has a home for every pot, plant, and tool! The floating shelves and hooks provide much needed storage above the garage floor!

By adding a wall covering that allows for hanging shelfs and baskets makes this tidy space a lot more functional and keeps all your goodies off the work space counter.