Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial!

Hi Meaghan Fans! I'm honored to be posting over here for Tuesday Tutorials!

My husband and I were searching for our first house just 6 short months ago. One thing I always knew I wanted was a cute little front porch. And, I got what I wanted - a cute little front porch! With that porch, we needed some seating and where else did I turn, but to Craigslist. Rarely does a search on Craiglist fail me and this time was no different.

A few bucks and a short road trip later and this set was sitting on our front porch

As you can see, it was looking pretty worn out. Spray paint comes in handy for so many other things, I figured it could do the trick for this patio set as well.

After removing the slings from the chairs, I spray painted a coat of primer and then white paint. Next I used a cardboard stencil to paint yellow stripes for added charm. The wood was spruced up with a coat of stain (after sanding of course) and then a few sprayed coats of sealant. To add a little more fun to the set, I painted the table yellow as well.

I smile each time I pull up to the house - what isn't there to smile about when a cute front porch is combined with yellow striped chairs?
Thanks D and B for guest posting on The Notebook!!!

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