Monday, February 28, 2011

Frame + Foto of the Day

Black and white distressed shabby chic picture frame 8x10

Love this frame from poppy sweet! Love the detail and the distress look! The foto of the day is of my boy and I at the Gala over the weekend. Handsome as can be in that tux! love it!

yes please.

What better combo Sperry and J.Crew Love! Check 'em out!

Bamboo Buffet Lamps

Just found this lamp at Pier 1 on sale for $30 for a set of 2! What a deal! Add a little DIY project to could stencil/paint on you and your hubbies it!

DIY under $5

Mix Tape

Striking Silhouette

What?s Your Type?

Reading my BHG over the weekend they featured some cool under $5 art projects. From a quick tape and paint piece on canvas to the construction paper/plastic covered frame to the paint job on the embroidery hoops! Love them all and so easy...I think the embroidery project is the best...but take three: 1 large 2 medium and paint your monogram in the three. Painting your last name in the large and your first and middle in the medium ones...add a fun punch of color with the paint and it will make any room.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Frame + Foto of the Day

Love the frame of the day it makes the tassels at NYU pop out of the frame! The foto of the day is of my girl Ali and I graduating from NYU with degrees in Special Education. We still both teach to this day and I miss her daily! I am so blessed to have more than 1 passion! Teaching and design! 

Back in the Day Black Tie

Here are a couple of photos that show classic black tie from the 30s and 40s...what happened to getting dressed up anymore!

Black Tie It Up Tonight!

My boy and I are getting fancy tonight for our annual Gala! I just love seeing my boy in black tie!  

Friday, February 25, 2011

Frame + Foto of the Day

So I have been slacking on my frame + foto of the day...oops. But what better way to get it going this week than feature my bestie Kerry and her wonderful fiance Matt! Tonight is one of Kerry's showers in Chevy Chase, MD and I can't wait! Cheers to the happy almost newly wed couple! The frame of the day is an Etsy shop that hand makes all their frames from scrap material...reduce, reuse, recycle friends!

plush stuff!

Silver Trellis - 20x20inch decorative pillow cover    

   Navy Velvelt Coral - decorative pillow cover 18x18inch

Asian Tree - decorative pillow cover 18x18inch

Coral Ikat ruffle - 16x16inch decorative pillow cover - insert included

Plush Studios uses bold prints for these throw pillows. Their Etsy shop has an array of favorite has got to be the first pillow. Love the gray graphics! 

Pantone 2011 color of the year

2011 coming in hot with Honeysuckle as color of the year! Here are some examples of all things Honeysuckle!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

DIY Alert

Everything LEB featured a simple and easy DIY project that shows creativity can take your simple pencil holder into something magnificant! Love the green paint and design!

double time

When I think of twin beds I think of my childhood and jumping bed to bed and busting my front tooth out...but these images of twin beds veer from a child's room and heads into a more sophisticated space. Creating a space for two can be fun and double the impact. My fav is this last image of the valances above each bed and benches at the foot! You can sign me up to stay as a guest with those peaceful colors too!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

places i'd like to be...please!

Days filled with meetings and stress isn't my kind of lifestyle...I need to be on the water relaxing! Taking in my surroundings loving the people I'm with...meetings and work I think are overrated.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My new bus cards!

Thanks prixiempress! I love love love them!

Add color with out paint!

Blue Curtain Panels

Throw Pillows in sunroom

Red Chairs

Blue Strip Wing Chair

Pink Checkered Area Rug

Having lived in apartments/rentals the majority of my post college life I know how dealing with insane assylum walls feels. Here are a couple ways to brighten up any space from curtains to throw pillows to carpet squares to fun side chairs you can make any space more lively!

Long Weekend!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Lovely HDC! Chillin outside literary. For San Diego its a mere 55 degrees. Hence the scarf, sweater, and jeans! 

Hotel del coronado

Inside the beautiful Hotel del Coronado in SAn Diego CA! The ceiling architecture is amazing! A must see for the west coast! 

Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

got to have me one of these!

CUSTOM cut monogrammed pillow, bamboo felt

CUSTOM cut monogrammed pillow, bamboo felt

CUSTOM cut monogrammed pillow, bamboo felt

Check out Studio Design Lab's awesome pillows! Love them and they are so different...material and concept! I think I'd go with Pina Colada, Silver Beach, and Lava Rock...keeping it neutral for the long run! But if you have child's room, guest room, or den add in some fun colors to go with your decor!

Cover it up!

DwellStudio Fabric Gate Charcoal

Annette Tatum Fabric by the Yard Grand Stripe Indigo

DwellStudio Fabric Oversize Stripe Charcoal

A couple of fabric swatches for my arm chair project! What do you think? Leave your comments on your fav chair and fabric combo! I love the Craiglist Arm Chair but which fabric mmmhmmm? All of them please!