Monday, January 31, 2011

Using laminate in different ways!

Your typical laminate cabinets

DIY Plastic Laminate Countertop

and countertops

and shelving units

but a backsplash I many options

wallpaper wonders

or my favorite...create a wall panel/accent wall

Laminate can be found in planks, tiles, and sheets for a very inexpensive price and endless possibilities in style...wood, stone, solid to name a few. Let your creativity fly!

Hang Time

Hanging your pictures can be very affordable. Here is a picture of my bedroom wall where I created a picture wall using string and a set of curtain clips I got from IKEA from $6. I hung the string using cooper thumb tacks. Wrap the string around the end of the tack and hammer. Make sure you add extra tacks depending on the length of your wall for extra support. I photocopied pictures into black and white format. By cutting the paper around each photograph differently creates a matted look for each picture. Total $10!!! 

DEKA Curtain wire incl. clips  Length: 118 " Max. load: 11 lb  Length: 300 cm Max. load: 5 kg

Friday, January 28, 2011

Frame + Foto of the Day!

Purple MOD frame

The frame of the day is a fun mod frame and at $7 from Castle Curiousities it won't break the bank. For the foto of the day here is one of my besties Libby and I at a Georgetown staple Billy Martin's celebrating her sister, Emily's, birthday. Cheers!

Ideas for your sweetheart

Candy Hearts

With Valentine's Day fast approaching I have been trying to find some inexpensive but cute gifts for my boy. Check out what I found in my search...more fun V-Day ideas to come!

XO Boxers

These XO boxers from J Crew are an easy gift for your man!

Roadtrip Map

This poster is a sweet idea by Etsy shop January Jones Prints. Customize it with all the places you and your lovey have traveled! 

Crossword puzzle

Or create your own crossword puzzle that includes fun sweet facts about your relationship and each other!

Combing through the details

Martha featured a painting technique, combing, in one of her magazines and fell in love with the look. The technique is easy and can spruce up an accent wall, a dresser(as seen above), a trunk...the possibilities are endless. Here is a picture of my accent wall in my living room that I painted!

For a DIY project pick your paint color, apply and comb through. To create a wall like mine tape out 20" squares with painters tape use the combing technique horizontally, let dry, then reapply the tape and paint vertically.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Business is business but they can still be cute!

While looking for new business cards at Tiny Prints (thanks to a tip from my sister that they are 50% off today) I found these cute and very affordable business cards. Today's sale includes Mommy cards so check it out! Now I have to decide on the stripped card or the green card...what do you think?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Frame + Foto of the Day

4x6 cove style red picture frame . handmade .

The frame on the day is from Etsy. A perfect frame for my warm foto of the day. And as I prepare for a snow day (i hope) I am getting excited to visit my little sis out in CA! West Coast! So here is a shot of the sunset Caitlin witnessed the other night. Rigs and I will be there soon!

PS-Riggins or as I call him Rigs(named after John Riggins from the Redskins) is Caitlin's dog that some how has lived in DC, MD, DE, FL, NY, and now sunny CA...What a life!

On my gray Snow Day...

Cool Gray paint lightCool Gray paint dark
Warm Gray paint lightWarm Gray paint dark
On this gray snowy day I was thinking about how cool grays can warm up a space. Add it into a sunny room and these gray paints will shine. I recommend avoiding grays into a darker room because it my dull down. The grays colors above found at Real Simple have blue undertones and with a little pop of color through accessories can give your space a warm and light feel.

DIY from Dubai

I saw Caitlin Wilson's DIY and had to share! So could change up the shade color and ribbon color to make it your own!

I just sold this ikea lamp and shade (that I bought on sale at pbkids) to a darling Dubai reader today (along with a load of furniture & accessories).  

I had planned on doing a DIY on another lamp with navy blue ribbon but somehow I never got around to it. With that said, this would be a super simple DIY. All you need is a 
  • lampshade
  • pencil
  • 1/4" or 1/2" grosgrain ribbon
  •  a hot-glue gun
  • measuring tape

1. Measure the circumference of the lampshade.
2. Decide how big of diamonds you want and divide the circumference by that number
3. Pencil those markers on the top and botton rims of the shade
4. Glue the ribbon to a marker on the top
5. Then, on the bottom rim, move two markers to the right and glue that ribbon to the bottom rim and then trim the end
6. Repeat until you're back at marker 1.
7. Overlap a new ribbon on marker 1 going the opposite direction and glue down
8. Moving towards the bottom marker (2 to the left), alternate weaving the ribbon under and over the ribbon going the opposite direction so it is secured by the weave.
9. On the bottom rim ( two markers to the left) glue down.
10. Repeat until you're back at marker 1.
11. Take two pieces of ribbon (same size as the circumference) and glue them around the top and bottom rims to hide any sloppy cuts or glue.

Hope someone tries it! It would especially good on a gourd lamp

Love it! Enjoy Here are some shades I found...light on the wallet too!

White Cotton Drum Cylinder Shade 8x8x11 (Spider)

This shade I found for $20!

Black Hardback Drum Shade 13x14x10 (Spider)

This classic black shade would look amazing with satin ribbon maybe this

cream color grosgrain ribbon...or make a bold statement with this

peony pink

There are endless options...don't forget to pick up extra glue sticks...I always seem to "lose" mine before a project...but now that I am organized(cheers to the new work space) I have that they are all housed together!

Floating away

While working with a recent client who wants to incorporate floating shelves in his entertainment area I thought of all the ways you could use them in your home. I used them above my sofa in my living room.


I purchased them from West Elm a couple of years ago and guess what I think it may be a staple because here it is:

Paxton Wall Shelf

These floating shelves are great in small spaces. They open up the room and add a graphic demension to the wall. Add picture frames, candles, magazines, or books...mix it up and keep it fun! float away...right under at 50 bucks!

Frame + Foto of the Day

8x10 Caribbean blue and white crackle style picture frame

This frame of the day will really lighten up my foto with the Caribbean blue cracked paint. From Etsy this frame is perfect for the foto of the are family besties that I grew up with...true bonding with this crowd! Holla Colleen, Molly(my sister) Michael Patrick, Matt, and Kate for the top row. And Will, Patrick, Caitlin(my other sis), and Austin. Love you all!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

MadebyGirl = Must Have

Check out these MadebyGirl prints and posters! They will add color into any space!

Some more DIY headboard projects

Design Sponge's electric red DIY headboard is bold in both color and shape!

Here is a Caitlin Wilson Design's headboard. Love the mixture of fabrics in the headboard and throw pillows!

And Shannon Darby's Pink Wallpaper headboard design shows a great wall mounted example! Love the monogrammed pillows!