Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Welcome to Tuesday Tutorial!

Tuesday's are now going to be a fun packed day here at The Notebook.

With Tidy It Up Tuesday as a helpful organization piece for readers...I have added a Tuesday Tutorial piece that will be informational to all our readers! So for the first time let's welcome Hodge:Podge!

I *Heart* Chiang Mai Dragon

I am in love with the Chiang Mai Dragon print from Schumacher. I'll take it in any colour. The colors and patterns are so rich and luxurious.
I don't care it is everywhere.
I *heart* it.

When I went shopping with two blog buddies to a fabric wholesaler, I was thrilled when Karla, managed to snag me not only one but TWO samples! If you recall, there were grommets in the fabric. I guess they thought that would deter anyone from making anything with it. They didn't know who they were dealing with when they gave it to me.

A grommet? I can deal with that.

Scissors were involved...

After a little snipping, patchwork and sumptuous trim, one pillow is finished.

I even sewed an invisible zipper

{Please, hold the applause}

This fabulous pillow cost this frugal gal very little.
While Chiang Mai Dragon can run about $250/yard {you heard me right}, this piece cost me


I bought a yard of linen to match for $15/yd {only used half a yard = $7.50}}
Invisible zipper: $1.50
Navy velvet ribbon: $4.00
Ikea pillow insert: $6.00

Total cost: $19.00

Hubby will like that :)

Thanks Hodge Podge for stopping by for your pillow tutorial!!! I love it! And even better I just found the same piece of fabric in my mother's car over the weekend! She is a seamstress and can't wait to share this post by Hodge Podge with her!


  1. I wish I had a fraction of Barb's talent. Glad to be a new follower of your blog!

  2. Thanks for featuring my pillow Meaghan! Thanks Carol - as usual - too sweet:)

    Following too!