Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Finds...Secretly Fancy!

Welcome Secretly Fancy to The Notebook! One of my clients started this blog and it is fun and light to look through love her header!

who: candace brooke ourisman; a curious young lady What: images that make me stop and smile, laugh, question and most of all inspire where: here, at this secretly fancy blog why: why not?

if this one below knows whats good for it, it will have a thick white stripe on the sides



i derive inspiration from many sources, but one thing that really makes me feel excited is a good old pickup truck and i don’t mean a few years old… i mean elderly. i am slightly obsessed with the image of a gorgeous chick stepping out of a beat up pickup truck. it’s the whole beauty and the beast thing… perhaps the reason that i love pickup trucks so much is because they have so much soul… so much life… it looks like they could tell the most amazing stories, because they have seen it all. there is nothing with more grit than a good old pickup. i also love how depending on the color it takes a different vibe. i of course am a sucker for the green and turquoise ones…. in my opinion chevy makes the best and i have a fantasy of receiving one for a present, maybe a 10 year anniversary gift from my husband… hey, a gal can dream.

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