Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Finds...Barn Yard Thrifting!

As some of you may have read at the beginning of the weeks went to a barn yard sale last weekend in Deep Creek Lake, MD. So many fun and unique items... So this Friday Finds features some new additions to the apartment! 

Some miners lamps give an ode to boy's West Virgina days! $12 each! 

I'm obsessed with this $15 find! An old surveying tripod will make the perfect base for a new floor lamp...just add a light kits and a drum lamp and ou have a brand new light fixture for your home! Best part is that the adjustable legs are in mint condition! This has to be my favorite! 

Love this old scale! It's hanging in the kitchen but will be finding a new home in boy's mothers kitchen! It will be the perfect addition! Don't mind the dishes! 

Happy Friday Notebook Readers! 

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