Thursday, August 7, 2014

DIY ALERT...Pretty Pulls!

I am excited to share this DIY! As many of you know I am having a baby in a couple weeks...nesting is out of control. I feel like DIYers and nesting are like a superpower :) I painted the Hemnes three drawers dress from IKEA a Ben Moore color called Fun N Games, which turned out beautiful! I wanted to add some fun pulls but nothing store bought.
I came across these small figurines in the studio that we use for different projects and got inspired!! That was it!

I really don't have a theme for the nursery but there is an underlying presence of animals. So it works perfectly.
I used a drill bit to place a small hole in the back side of each animal. Remember to lay out how you want your animals before drilling...I wanted mine facing each other so I laid them out in that order...just easy to follow so you don't drill out the wrong side.
do not go all the way through because then it will ruin the front side :) If you are shaky with the drill I'd get a couple extra plastic animals. You can buy a whole sleeve of them at your local box art store like AC Moore or Michaels.
Next I placed a drop of super glue in the hole the placed the screw into the whole...some required a little hammer action to push the screw more into the hole you drilled. The screw should match up to the size of your drill bit!
I then spray painted them metallic gold, once dried I placed the screw into the drawer hole and used the matching bolt to secure....check it out!
So happy with the outcome! I think I need to start selling them at the shop! Would you buy them?
Happy DIYing!!!!

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