Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up!

This weekend was a fun one! All the girls went to Annapolis to celebrate our dear friend Libby who is getting married in 33 days! We couldn't be more happy for her and her future hubs Patrick. 17 weeks prego I still rocked it and had a blast! 

what a was just SO nice to get out of the city...even though it rained all weekend it was nice to sit around and relax!

Here she is!!! Gearing up! 

this goblet for the bride not only held a ton of booz but flip it over and the bottom side was a shot glass :) 

the best goodie bags filled with a koozie and mallet for crab eating! 

Have a great week people! McNamara Design has a busy week with consultation and client meetings. We are also finishing up a big refinishing project and staring a huge order for outdoor rattan furniture being used for the Rehobeth Design House Regan and I are doing together! woot woot! let's get it done! 

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