Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Painted Pink!

Hey Notebook Readers! So sorry for my delay this week! Boy and I had a passing in his family. Funny how an Irish funeral brings everyone together and everyone has fun singing and dancing and celebrating a life....just all for such a sad reason. But we were happy to celebrate his Aunt's life. She was an amazing person and got the send off she deserved. So cheers to you Rachael! 

So back at work I have some fun and exciting projects to share! My pieces was featured in a badass art show and I was happy to get creative. Check out one DIY I did...

How old school(for most readers) is it to cover your text books...well that is what I did with a twist. I took white butcher block. Painted it a faux bois technique and added them to hardcover books as an accessory feature in my vignette. 

Just love how it all turned out! More on the greek key tables I made tomorrow! Have a happy happy hump day! 

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