Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Boy and I stayed busy with dinners with his family, work, house hunting(since the house we had signed on was pulled from the market), and a fun sunday watching basketball with friends!

Here is a shot of my work space at the studio...I'm mid project organizing my paints, tools, and materials! So excited to get back in there today after a stop at home depot and the dollar store to get some organization items...more picture to come!

I have been asked by another interior designer to make custom bench cushions for this beautiful build into

Sunday we went over to our friends house after house hunting to relax and watching basketball! 

And to top off the weekend boy brought me Chinese in bed :) 

Happy Monday Notebook Readers! Hope your Monday is a bit more warm then mine here in cold DC! Spring oh spring where are you!!!

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