Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Finds...Design Love Fest!


If you don't already know about Design Love Fest you do now! And you have got to be as obsessed as I am! 

Bri Emery is just creatively amazing! I heart her! I hope her blog makes your day just as much as it does mine! 


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Brown to high gloss black!

This dresser rehab makes me happy. I just love it when a piece that looks super damaged and scratched turns out looking so much better painted. 

Here it is...a mid century modern dresser turned high gloss black. 

I was happy to use the original hardware...the client wanted it painted black too but I just gave it a nice polish and love how it pops off the black! 

Happy Furniture Rehabbing! 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Can everything go Green?

I mean I just can't get enough kelly my wardrobe, my interior decor, and in my furniture rehabbing. It just makes everything brighter and cheerier. I even told Boy I wanted to buy a kelly green sofa for our living room(in the house we haven't bought yet) and he didn't freak too bad...he actually got a bit on board. 

Anyways I'm happy to share this rehab today and I hope it gets everyone over the hump. 

this old side table had some damaged to it but the bones were strong and ready for a fresh coat of paint!

here is the inspiration picture my client gave me right out of a magazine! See you can make items in your home look like they are in the mags! 

LOVE it! After polishing up the hardware I reapplied it and this table is ready to go back home! 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dated TV Console freshened up!

Check out this TV console that seems to belong in the 80s...a fresh coat of shy cherry, a Benjamin Moore color, and it has a new life! 

here is the inspiration fabric, found in the family room valance, that we used to find the right color...

Love this color...not too red right! Lookin good I must say! Have a good Tuesday people! 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up!

Hey Notebook Readers! Hope everyone had a great weekend! Boy and I had a busy but fun one! To the beach and back to a black tie gala...check it out!

the drive was gorgeous with the weather this weekend! Look how calm the Chesapeake Bay was! 

Boy was the best and went thrifting with me! Poppin tags baby!

now stay calm...this is one aspect of the Rehobeth Design/Show House that my business partner and I are designing. We have the front and back porch at this years house. Let's just say the shutters are going. 

new door color, new sconces, new planters....can't wait to freshin up this space! before and afters to come! The house will be completed at the end of April and open all May! Regan and I went down to get measurements and pick up some furniture that will be featured in our design. 

Gala time! Boy and I had the Christ Child Societies big gala Saturday after driving back from the beach unloading all the goodies we found, getting my hair did, we headed to the Willy Wonka Themed gala...dancing shoes and all! 

what fun and simple decor...remember this for any future kids bday parties! 

fun and bright! 

Boy and I all dolled up! 

I wish everyone a very happy week! Fun before and after projects to come this week :) 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Finds...Off Main!

I recently purchased two faux bamboo arm chars from a company based in Catonsville, MD which is outside of Baltimore. It is called Off Main! I am happy to have them as my Fridy Find because they have some amazing stuff! Check it out! 

midcentury, deco and handmade items, Catonsville, MD 

so if you want anything mid century modern be sure to check them out! 

So be sure to check out their Facebook and their Krrb corner!!!

Happy Friday PEOPLE!!! 

Boy and I are headed to the beach to pop some tags and get started on the Rehobeth, DE design house showroom!!!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Curtain Call!

I saw this image if this little girls room and just fell in love. This will be happening in my future house. And instead of a little girls room I think it would be a perfect touch to an office/guest room using a twin bed of course...or you could use a full bed! 

A small room can be elegant.  What little princess wouldn't love this cozy nook.  You could use a secured wooden shelf (IKEA), some curtains, and a twin or toddler bed.  The sconce doesn't have to be hard-wired.  Don't have a little princess?  This would be perfect in an office for a guest.  A trundle bed would allow sleep space for two

I came up with my own fabric patterns check them out!

OFFICE twin bed curtains with green trim light blue lining

Curtain fabric! I know its a bit busy but its different and fun! I love the flame color! 

OFFICE lining of floral curtain

Curtain Lining fabric! Love this color. So soft and comforting when the curtains are closed!

OFFICE twin bed duvet cover

Add some inexpensive but awesome IKEA bedding!

OFFICE accent fabric

and a fun throw pillow made in this pop of green print! 

All fabric can be found over at one of my fav sites!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mai Dragon!

Obviously people just LOVE Schumachers Chiang Mai Dragon print whether on a fabric or wall treatment, including myself. BUT most of us can't afford $150 a yard of fabric...I really wanted to use something that had the same depth and I was happy to find this similar print by Dwell. 

PAIR of Schumacher Chiang Mai Dragon Pillow Cover in Aquamarine

check out the Dwell option...I know its not as fab but its purdy! 

Robert Allen Dwell Studio Ming Dragon in Aquatint Pillow Cover

Love it! 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Never Stop Learning!

I have been working on new techniques on social me old school but I think a person never stops learning. I'm starting to get big into videotaping...I think it will be super cool once I get the art down for when I paint. Anyways I'm starting small and using an app to piece mill together photos I've taken...check it out! 

Did I mention I'm still learning :)) I just got a gopro so the next round will be better promise! 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up!

Hey Hey Notebook Readers! 
What a busy running around and working the majority of the weekend. I hope everyone had a great V-Day, single, dating, married, or divorced I think the holiday is fun to celebrate but not in the Hallmark spend all your money way but in the simple remind each other in a special way you love them! 

Boy and I don't go to nice dinners we like the hang at home style and make a fab meal. This year I surprised him with some sweets...check it out! 

easy homemade decorations!

I'm hooked on you is Pinterest idea...Boy loves fishing so I packed a mason jar full of gummy worms, another one of Boy's favs, and added some letter stickers to say "I'm hooked on you!" 

Other treats I created were chocolate covered straberries and mud pie, which consists of a graham cracker pie crust filled with a melted mixture of one container of whip cream and two hersey bars. YUM! 

Saturday kicked off the day with a sewing project...this client had brought back the fabric from her travels in Africa...the cushions will go onto chairs that she found on Craigslist for free! 



I also had to piece together a quick photo shoot for a local publication that asked us to paint and feature items from the store that contained the Pantone color of the year Radiant Orchid. 


Photo shoot set up! 

Submitted Photo

the art work is painted by a local artist Reagan Lake! Pillow sewn by myself. Painted eagle milk jug is an awesome found item in my in-laws basement. 

NOW to top off the weekend...breakfats in bed made by my amazing husband,  Boy! 

 oh and here is a goodie I share on V-Day on FB...he was my Valentine then and my Valentine now! 

Happy MONDAY People! 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy V-Day!

I know Valentine's day is a Hallmark Holiday but hey love my readers! Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Happy Valentine's Day from For Chic Sake!  FREE DOWNLOAD


If you live in DC and are into design and fashion you must know!!! If not head over and check it out!

want to spoil one of your best girls check out's  gift ideas for V-Day! 



Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ahhh I'm hooked!

I think I have a problem...hoarding faux bamboo furniture. I just can't get enough of it! Check out this desk/hutch combo that was on craigslist. I reached out to buy the set but he had already sold the desk and wanted to get rid of the hutch portion at a discounted price because the set was broken. I plan on adding it to another desk 

Score! Who;s ready for Friday? I am! 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Freshen it up!

I don't want to offend anyone but I just can't do bedroom sets. I get that they are inexpensive and easy to piece together but I need more then inside the box. One of my clients broke free of this when she came to me and wanted me to break up her bedroom set, paint, it and place it around her room in different rooms. I love it. Piecing together furniture to make rooms in your house unique and layered. 

So I am so mad I did not take a before picture of this dresser but I found a similar dresser and similar before finish.

the bottom right drawer won't go in completely, which I'm like ocd about but you get the idea! What. a difference. This is a high gloss finish using Benjamin Moore Advance paint in a crisp white. Just love paint. :)

Happy hump Day! Let's get to the weekend! PS how is it half way through February? 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Follow McNamara Design on Pinterest!

Haa! I will recommend this video from youtube it is by michael pates who increased his followers on pinterest to 20k, he discusses his full strategy how to increase pinterest followers quickly in this 14 min youtube video, so must watch

Thanks Notebook Readers! 

Pine to Silver!

A client had these pine wine racks in their basement, which is really like a lounge, and she wanted them painted a silver but with a slight patina look to them. Check out the before and afters!


I added a layer of bronze and copper metallic paint as the base, then brushed on a silver metallic 


Love love love how they turned out!  

Not sure about where you live but this cold weather needs to go it spring yet?