Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Can everything go Green?

I mean I just can't get enough kelly my wardrobe, my interior decor, and in my furniture rehabbing. It just makes everything brighter and cheerier. I even told Boy I wanted to buy a kelly green sofa for our living room(in the house we haven't bought yet) and he didn't freak too bad...he actually got a bit on board. 

Anyways I'm happy to share this rehab today and I hope it gets everyone over the hump. 

this old side table had some damaged to it but the bones were strong and ready for a fresh coat of paint!

here is the inspiration picture my client gave me right out of a magazine! See you can make items in your home look like they are in the mags! 

LOVE it! After polishing up the hardware I reapplied it and this table is ready to go back home! 

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