Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up!

Hey Notebook Readers! Hope everyone had a great weekend! I was lucky enough to make it down to our beach house in Lewes, DE. We had my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins down which was so fun to catch up! Check out the pics! 

Here is my cousin CJ and her hubs Mike watching the sunset from the rooftop deck

We went shopping in town and I found this gurgle pot that reminds me of the simon pierce pitchers!

Some beach decor on the back porch...love these new aluminum marlin cut outs!

Gorgeous beach day saturday!!!

Boat ride Saturday up the canal through he nature reserve with my Aunt and cousin, who was obvious cold! Love the look! 

Check out the bathroom..my mom used covers from a free magazine to wallpaper the walls! So creative! 

Have a great week people! I'm super busy with deliveries, pick ups, and painting! 

Demo day!

So I have been working hard to get our design studio and boutique space renovated the last two weeks, which includes knocking down walls! I got in there with an arson of tools my father in law gave me and got cracking! Check out my progress!

Before we had this pointless room that we wanted to open up for retail space

It felt good not only to have the space more open but to gain mornatural light

So excited to start sharing you all the progress of these next big step for McNamara Design!!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Finds...Copperwood Tavern!

Hey Hey and Happy Friday! 

I'm happy to share this new and exciting project I am working on in VA. It is a restaurant I was hired to help with on some finishing aspects including painting pine walls and pieces of furniture. Another awesome project by O'Neill Studios 

Check out this amazing wall layered in pine I painted! 

as you can see the pine has a bit of a yellow/orange tone to it...we applied a gray stain lighting washing out the woods natural undertones. 

just chillin on the scaffolding

the pine flows through the space and up these amazing columns

super fun project! More pics to come! 

HAPPY FRIDAY PEOPLE! Get out there and live it up...or just relax like I am at the beach! 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Finished Product!

It's so satisfying seeing a project I have worked on finished in a home! I completed this ottoman last week, which some of you may have read about, and finally dropped it off at my clients house. 

Check out the before and afters, as well as how I made it happen!

this ottoman was originally purchased from Home Goods and had a great run for the family but my client really wanted to see it transformed

I love the after pic! I painted the legs black and covered the upholstered piece with an indoor/outdoor gray herringbone pattern fabric. (Sorry for all the thread on the rug in this after shot!)

Here it is looking all pretty!!!

Check out how I got this piece transformed...

 first things first I had to remove all the upholstery tacts with a flat head crew driver and some elbow grease

it took a minute to get them all out! 

after measuring each side of the ottoman I then cut out each measured side in the fabric. I then took the fabric and placed it inside out onto the ottoman and pinned each side together

continue pinning the sides together to create a slipcover for the piece

I then took it off and brought it to my sewing machine where I sewed each section I pinned together

before staple gunning the slipcover to the frame of the ottoman I spray painted the legs a semi-gloss black

Turned out great, the client was happy...I'm happy! 

Have a great day people! I'm off to work on a restaurant in VA...more details to come!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

NY Now Success!

Hey Notebook Readers! Sorry about my absence yesterday...I was up in NYC at the Javet Center searching for new and fun items to place in my new design studio and boutique in Kensington, MD. I am so thrilled to share this news and that I will be partnering up with Regan Billingsley, from RB Interiors. 

Check out some of the goodies I found! So excited to start ordering...and I will keep everyone posted of our progress and grand opening!

great area rugs! love these colors and patterns

these serving platters jumped out at Regan and I..new twist on an old hand painted tray

You always can use a fun box to style a bookshelf or side table and these colors are just amazing!

Same goes with these picture frames...fun colors with a traditional look

Candles in bright colors...can't beat these! 

Happy Shopping for the boutique!!!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Finds...Bahar Jewelry!

I just love it when one of my friends shoots for goal and nails it! One of my girlfriends set her mind to start a chic accessory company imported from Turkey and found in NYC...her line of jewels are amazing!

You have to head over to Bahar Jewelry!

 Bahar Jewelry

They are having a summer sale right now that is a must! Super prices for super cute jewels!!!

So if you have an end of the summer party or a gift to give(for yourself or someone else) click here for a Bahar's Jewelry!!!


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Stack 'em!

So finding attractive stackable chairs was painful...but I have found them!!! And they are off O.co for under $200 for a set of 4! So happy!

these chairs are for a BIG project I'm working on and hope to announce by the end of the week!

I know these are not the MOST space conscious chairs but they are much better then your typical folding chairs...right?! So as the Fall/Winter approaches, along with family holiday gatherings...these are a set of chairs to remember! 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Um so I'm a sucker for stripes...not sure who else is but after working with a client for stripe rug I think we came up with a great find!

this dash and albert indoor/outdoor rug will be perfect for there living/playroom. With a 15 month old little boy in the house this indoor/outdoor rug will be an easy clean for Mom! 

So if you have little ones around consider the indoor/outdoor option...they can be much more inexpensive and a quick wipe down of any spills is a lot easier!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

White Wash layered with Leopard Print!

Hey Hey Notebook Readers! So sorry about yesterday. I went into a dentist appointment totally blanking on my blogging. But here I am and I am excited to share a new project I am working on with a client. Check out this dining room set that has been past down through two generations. 

Love the size, with and without the leafs, and how the drop leafs make it a perfect dining table for a one bedroom apartment in DC! I'm also loving the detail in the table base...this will make for a great white wash faux finish!

BUT the most exciting part of this project are going to be the chairs! The client wants them painted in a white wash but finish off the seat bases with a blue leopard print pattern!

Tuesday Tip: If you are in need for a new dining room set that sets apart from your typical one...thrift, garage sales, and estate sales can be your best friend. And with a little paint on an older piece, like this one, will give that inexpensive, well made piece a new facelift!

Happy Shopping for a Deal!!!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Finds...The Perfect Pattern!

Almost everyday I'm online checking out sale websites and I seriously couls buy something everyday unfortunately Boy and I are not in a house yet and have limited space at the apt. Today's Friday finds are small purchases for a big affect in your home!

Check em out....

Isla Pillow

bold links will add so much pop in any living room, bedroom, or even on a kitchen bench!

Larkspur Rug in Cobalt Blue

Changing out  rug is one of the easiest ways to change the look of a room. This larkspar in colbolt will add a bold color and a fun pattern!


See ya back here Monday! Enjoy your Family & Friends and not your co-workers for the next two days! 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

DIY Garland the Maryland way

Morning People! So one of my besties is getting married in October down at The Tides Inn, a beautiful hotel right on the water. One of the decor elements is garland we are DIYing it with local oyster shells from our local Choptank River. The garland will drape over the hightop tables to make a unique and texture element to each table!

Check out the progress...

Love the shine and sneak of pink and silver from the inside of the shells

The oysters are held together with fishing wire into a white chain

love the look of them against the gray tablecloth! Happy DIYing people! Put your mind to it...it will get done!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cover it up!

A client of mine asked for custom slipcovers for these dining chairs...the fabric isn't the most stunning selection and she wanted a nice neutral for her space...check out the before and afters!

photo 1.JPG

I used a natural duck canvas for the slipcovers which was heavy enough to block out the green fabric from the previous chair

Buffet Bonus!

Morning Notebook readers! Check out the final pics of the buffet from yesterdays post!