Tuesday, August 13, 2013

White Wash layered with Leopard Print!

Hey Hey Notebook Readers! So sorry about yesterday. I went into a dentist appointment totally blanking on my blogging. But here I am and I am excited to share a new project I am working on with a client. Check out this dining room set that has been past down through two generations. 

Love the size, with and without the leafs, and how the drop leafs make it a perfect dining table for a one bedroom apartment in DC! I'm also loving the detail in the table base...this will make for a great white wash faux finish!

BUT the most exciting part of this project are going to be the chairs! The client wants them painted in a white wash but finish off the seat bases with a blue leopard print pattern!

Tuesday Tip: If you are in need for a new dining room set that sets apart from your typical one...thrift, garage sales, and estate sales can be your best friend. And with a little paint on an older piece, like this one, will give that inexpensive, well made piece a new facelift!

Happy Shopping for a Deal!!!

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