Thursday, August 22, 2013

Finished Product!

It's so satisfying seeing a project I have worked on finished in a home! I completed this ottoman last week, which some of you may have read about, and finally dropped it off at my clients house. 

Check out the before and afters, as well as how I made it happen!

this ottoman was originally purchased from Home Goods and had a great run for the family but my client really wanted to see it transformed

I love the after pic! I painted the legs black and covered the upholstered piece with an indoor/outdoor gray herringbone pattern fabric. (Sorry for all the thread on the rug in this after shot!)

Here it is looking all pretty!!!

Check out how I got this piece transformed...

 first things first I had to remove all the upholstery tacts with a flat head crew driver and some elbow grease

it took a minute to get them all out! 

after measuring each side of the ottoman I then cut out each measured side in the fabric. I then took the fabric and placed it inside out onto the ottoman and pinned each side together

continue pinning the sides together to create a slipcover for the piece

I then took it off and brought it to my sewing machine where I sewed each section I pinned together

before staple gunning the slipcover to the frame of the ottoman I spray painted the legs a semi-gloss black

Turned out great, the client was happy...I'm happy! 

Have a great day people! I'm off to work on a restaurant in VA...more details to come!

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