Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Octagon Complete!

SO excited to share the completed octagon dining room floor! The family loved it and so do I! 

Can't wait for the next floor project! Just totally transforms a space and is so budget friendly! Patience and math skills people!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Taking Your Curtain rods in a new Direction

I just love switching out my window changes up a space and gives a fresh look for a turn of a season! But this Fall I am psyched to try this new DIY project...making acrylic curtain rods!

Brass End Cap for Lucite Acrylic Curtain Rod

If you go on Pinterest you will find a ton of tutorials 

this one using plumbing hardware spray painted gold by A Storied Style!

DIY Tutorial: Acrylic/Lucite Drapery Rods With Plumbing Hardware | A Storied Style | A design blog dedicated to sharing the stories behind the styles we create.

or these rectangle shaped ring by Gretchen Everett Hardware

so today I am going to be calling Nation Wide Plastics to see what kind of deal or steal I will find for my new curtain rods! Have a great day people!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend Wrap UP!

Morning Notebook Readers! Hope everyone had a great weekend...Boy and I had a busy one!

My business partner and I did some buying! Can't wait for all the items to come in next week!

Got a big delivery which will be painted for another shop in Kensington!

Boy and I ventured out to University of Maryland for the homecoming game against Clemson...such a fun tailgate! 

Saturday night was spent with my girlfriend Mary Randolph for her surprise birthday party in Georgetown!  

Sunday I finalized this dining room floor...just love how this design turned out!

Sunday Funday for the horrible Redskins was a success! Our Christ Child Society guild got together to celebrate the kick off to a new fundraising year!

Hope everyone has a good Monday and rest of the week! On tap for McNamara Design this week: painting, painting, and more painting! Pop in to check out all the new projects! 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Finds...Mane Lion!

Regan, my business partner, and I are super excited to have purchased all retail items for our boutique! I am gearing up to switch over to a new website as well so you all can check out all of our goodies in the store!!!

Check out one of our new products!!!

just love this greek key pate with the lion detail!!!

More to come from McNamara Design! 

Thursday, October 24, 2013 out!

So excited to share this next project! A client of mine has requested an octagon painted dining room floor. I mentioned it last week and I am excited to share the first couple images...

design sketch with client

Now time to glaze, paint, and seal! More after pictures to come! 

have a great day everyone! Off to more work with clients and at the studio...busy busy busy! 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hutch heaven!

Rise and shine Notebook readers! 

After searching for the right color for this amazing hutch...we ended up going with a peacock blue and a rustic gold interior...check out the progress!

just love the way it turned out! 

Hope everyone is having a great day! 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up!

Good Morning Notebook Readers! I hope everyone had a great weekend and are ready to take on another Monday. Boy and I had a mix of work and play this weekend but doing it together made it all a blast! 

So excited to get in our conference room chairs in...they are stackable and heavy duty metal which will help with any wear and tear! 

found these cardboard letters at Michael's on sale for $1...Larsen is my married name! Can't wait to get them painted and prettied up! 

Never throw something away that you thought was trash...this sink that my Father-in-law helped me remove from the kitchen was so gross and dirty...I wanted to just buy a new one but after he said that he would try to clean it....I was happy I listened to him!!! You won't even believe these before and afters...check it out!!!

Saturday afternoon Boy and I headed out to a cute neighborhood outside of DC called Woodmoor. My parents actually bought their first started home in this neighborhood. We met three couples, a total of 7 kids, and had a great afternoon drinking some cold ones, playing on the playground with the kids, face painting, balloon making, and pumpkin painting. Boy and I don't have any little ones yet but it was still fun to hang with our friends and spend the afternoon together. 

 So Saturday night I met up with my guy friends, Dan and Jesse, to watch come college football! Fun times!

I hope you all had a great weekend filled with family and friends like Boy and I did! Now I'm headed into a very busy work week with some very fun projects including an octagon painted dining room floor, a peacock painted hutch, a geometric print painted dresser, and many more projects for the studio! 

Have a great Monday people! check back in all week!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Finds...WallMonkeys!

Hey Notebook Readers! Hope everyone is as pumped as I am that it is Friday. I am excited to share this Friday Finds because it is a neighboring business of our studio! WallMonkeys is a company hat has endless removable decal solutions for your home or business! They are helping us create our logo decals for the studio signage so I wanted to give them a shout out...check out some of their decals!

Background from Birch Trees without Leaves

Skyline, Illustration

Seamless Pattern With Colorful Baby Icons

Colorful USA Map

They have more options then you can wrap your brain around! And they do any custom decal you want! So head over and check it out!


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Getting there...

So I have been working hard getting the studio ready...from painting, tearing down walls, replacing light fixtures, installing a kitchen counter, and much more it is finally coming together! And I am SO excited to get all our furniture in this week! Check out the transformation...

 More pics to come when the furniture comes! So excited for mid November! Many more details to come about our retail and opening! Have a great day people! 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Buying By the Yard!

Yesterday on my way home from NYC I stopped at IKEA for a bunch of small items for the studio...cups, mugs, plates, utensils, dish rack, and much much more. As I was veering my way around the market I took notice as to how much their fabric by the yards has grown! And I have to tell you all the fabric averaged less then $9 a yard. Not that you want to have fabric that everyone else may have but there were some traditional patterns that you could get for less! 

check some of em out!

SOFIA Fabric IKEA Comes in a choice of patterns.

BERTA RUTA Fabric IKEA Yarn-dyed fabric. The pattern is visible on both sides.
Now its just finding a project to use it on! Do you have dining room chairs to recover? Throw pillows that need new life? A table that could use a new runner? So many simple projects that don't even require a sewing machine. 

So if you have or do use some of this IKEA fabric by the yard I'd love to hear about it! 

Happy Wednesday People! 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up!

Hey hey Notebook Readers! Hope everyone had a great weekend! Boy and I traveled to NJ to my Aunt's farm outside of Princeton. She had an old fashion hoe down! Square dancing and all! 

After NJ I headed to NY! So happy to hang with my beastie Ky and watch football all day!

We were in Brooklyn and I had to take a pic of this amazing graffiti art! 

Ky's man is an artist and I just loved his set up in his loft! 

Brush envy!

Have a great start your week everyone! Many projects to share this week! Rock this monday people!