Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend Wrap UP!

Morning Notebook Readers! Hope everyone had a great weekend...Boy and I had a busy one!

My business partner and I did some buying! Can't wait for all the items to come in next week!

Got a big delivery which will be painted for another shop in Kensington!

Boy and I ventured out to University of Maryland for the homecoming game against Clemson...such a fun tailgate! 

Saturday night was spent with my girlfriend Mary Randolph for her surprise birthday party in Georgetown!  

Sunday I finalized this dining room floor...just love how this design turned out!

Sunday Funday for the horrible Redskins was a success! Our Christ Child Society guild got together to celebrate the kick off to a new fundraising year!

Hope everyone has a good Monday and rest of the week! On tap for McNamara Design this week: painting, painting, and more painting! Pop in to check out all the new projects! 

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