Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Buying By the Yard!

Yesterday on my way home from NYC I stopped at IKEA for a bunch of small items for the studio...cups, mugs, plates, utensils, dish rack, and much much more. As I was veering my way around the market I took notice as to how much their fabric by the yards has grown! And I have to tell you all the fabric averaged less then $9 a yard. Not that you want to have fabric that everyone else may have but there were some traditional patterns that you could get for less! 

check some of em out!

SOFIA Fabric IKEA Comes in a choice of patterns.

BERTA RUTA Fabric IKEA Yarn-dyed fabric. The pattern is visible on both sides.
Now its just finding a project to use it on! Do you have dining room chairs to recover? Throw pillows that need new life? A table that could use a new runner? So many simple projects that don't even require a sewing machine. 

So if you have or do use some of this IKEA fabric by the yard I'd love to hear about it! 

Happy Wednesday People! 

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