Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Leopards Never Changes Their Spots!

So excited to share this project! This dining room table and set of chairs had been given to my client by her grandmother..they have great bones and are obviously sentimental to my client. She had asked me to give them new life for her style for her big girl apartment! 

Game Plan: To whitewash the chairs with a thin layer of taupe to ease up the starkness of the bright white.Then add some amazing leopard print to the chair seats with a two toned light blue color hue

here was my inspiration pic for the leopard...lets get crazy!

Here is the first pass of the light blue! 

Then I mixed in a nay into the light blue to make the color slightly darker

check out the difference in color!

LOVE them! 

We decided to keep the table the neutral white/taupe wash and leave the chair seats too be the eye popping fun of animal print!

Happy Leopard Print Rehabing! 

What animal print would you want your chairs? I think I'd go with fish scales! 

Have a great Tuesday people! 

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