Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up!

Hey Morning People! Hope everyone had a great weekend full of fun and relaxation! I had a busy but a blast filled one. Check it out!

Friday Night downtown on 14th street checking out some live music at the Black Cat! Such a fun & lively night! 

Boy and I took a trip to the dump clearing out the final demo from the studio! It is really coming together! I failed to take pictures of this but I forgot how crazy going to the dump is...and not to sound crazy but you can find some goodies while there...I found a small children's rocker that will be a fun rehab project!  

Saturday evening my girlfriend Lacy and I had a crafting session outside...we took oysters, plastic chain, and fishing wire to tie the oysters along the chain creating a beautiful garland for her weekending this coming weekend!

we drilled the holes at the top of the oysters to make a unified affect once tied

any fishing wire will do!

I'm just in love with these candle stick holders Lacy brought out! These are the champ bottles from her bachelorette party! All she did was add some gold candle sticks!

The lighting is bad in this pic but here is the oyster garland I made! Each one took about three hours for a three feet in length

Saturday night we headed over to a friends apt in Glover Park, our neighborhood in DC! Fall firepit time was in full swing!

Sunday Boy and I headed to my parents house and packed the van with furniture heading to the studio to be beautified this week! 

ahhhh what a weekend! So happy  could end it with my Boy, on the couch, with wings, pulled pork sandwiches, and a Redskins win!!

Now off to the studio to paint away ALL day long! 

Happy Monday people...we got this!!!

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