Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday amazing client & friend!

So on Fridays I usually highlight another small business I love or something cool I found but today I'd like to feature a client and friend who is always looking out for McNamara Design! Her name is Sam. Her husband and her live right around the corner from Boy and I but more importantly she has a KILLER eye on craigslist. If she sees something she loves but doesn't need she always forwards it on. From peacock chairs to rattan furniture her taste and style is impeccable. 

As an owner of a small business it is great to have someone looking out for you as a client or as a friend! So last night Sam texted me about a side table she had and no longer has use for in her she freebied it to me! Love her. Love passing thank you Sam!

Check out how adorable this table is!!

I'm thinking this will be an amazing piece for the studio! What color would you paint it? I'm thinking something bold & bright! More after pictures to come!

HAPPY FRIDAY PEOPLE! Get out there and enjoy each other! 

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