Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Finds...Caitlin Wilson Textiles!

Friday Finds...Caitlin Wilson Textiles! I was over at a friends blog and found this amazing collection of throw pillows and fabric by the yard! Check it out!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Popsicle pink picture frame 4x6 OR 5x7 OR 5x5 Picture photo frame in our "Colored Barnwood" Rustic distressed (There are 28 Colors )

The frame of the day is a sweet little pink frame that has been made from old barn wood which will go right with the foto of the day! This is one of my dear family friends Colleen and her husband Nick. We were all at a wedding celebrating not only the marriage of Col's cousin but of Nick and Colleen's big news that they were expecting! Congrats guys!!!!


As Halloween is fast approaching I have realized it all doesn't need to be tacky and hallmarky...check out some finds I found from DIY ideas to simple touches for your home!

Wicked witch in the book. Unusual art bookmark, inspired by Wizard of OZ .Halloween gift

Fun, bright Halloween ribbon wreath.  SALE. Reduced Price.

Halloween Edition - 10 Wrapped Soap Favors // Vegan Organic Cold Process Soap // Halloween Holiday Party Favor

Halloween decoration: Creepy Mice Silhouettes

Now I am no candy maker but I think a couple of these ideas are great DIYs for the upcoming days. I love the painted pumpkins and the mouse cut outs as decorations! Simple ideas to add that extra touch to your home over this holiday!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thrifting Thrills of Phillie!

Over this past weekend I found some serious gems in downtown Phillie...I will be heading back up there this weekend with my van because there was just so much stuff I wanted!

love these ornate side tables...a quick spray and that gold will be toned down

love this geometric back to the chair...I am thinking painting the chair white and the detail in a pink/orange

old birdcage...I'm thinking light fixture

great sets of books

love this pulls and a coat of paint will give this new life

right on the money this furniture thrift store was down on spruce and 12th...its a MUST visit and all proceeds go to African education

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Frame + Foto of the Day

11x13 Cottage Striped Picture Frame - Harbour Navy over White Shabby Beach Wedding Nursery Decor Distressed

Today's frame  of the day would be such an easy DIY project! All you would need is to take a white frame and paint navy stripes down! The foto of the day is from our Christ Child Posey Guild fundaiser over the weekend. We are a young group of women who raise money for children in need. This foto is of good friends Christina, Austin, and Erin!

We had great success with the auction too! Here is a pic from the auction table I put together.


The dresser for the nursery I'm decorating is almost complete after getting some stripes over the weekend!

A quick coat of spray paint

final pics to come...I am painting the knobs tonight navy and white pinstripe

Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Finds...Flipadelphia

I'm heading up to Phillie for the weekend to visit my best friend Claire and her husband Dan. They live right outside in Havertown, PA. We are hitting up some thrift stores I researched on good old google...if anyone has more suggestions leave me a note below!!!

So far we are heading to


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Frame + Foto of the Day!

6x6 Picture Frame with Vintage Black 2 Tone Finish - SAME DAY SHIPPING

Today's frame of the day is a classic vintage looking frame in black with gold trim. To go with it is my best friend Claire and her husband Dan. Boy and I are heading up to visit them outside of Phillie for the weekend! This foto was taken at their 30th Birthday party. I got them these cake's and as you can see they have 1 difference in life and thank god that only occurs on Sundays!

McNamara Design Pillows

I am getting ready to do an upcoming Holiday show at my high school Georgetown Visitation. I will have a bunch of my rehabbed furniture from chairs to dressers but I want to add another item for your home. So what better then throw pillows. I'm obsessed and could change mine out all the time! Here are some of the pillows I've made for the upcoming show!

If anyone is interested in purchasing please email!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Get your stencil on!

WALL STENCIL Missing Link, Geometric stencil design for allover stenciling

WALL STENCIL Missing Link, Geometric stencil design for allover stenciling

Moroccan Stencil Oasis, Beautiful stencils better than wallpaper, great for DIY wall decor

Moroccan Stencil Oasis, Beautiful stencils better than wallpaper, great for DIY wall decor

Wall Stencil Moroccan Dream, reusable stencils for walls instead of wallpaper

Wall Stencil Moroccan Dream, reusable stencils for walls instead of wallpaper

If you search etsy for stencils you will find a ton of little shops that will provide you the perfect fit for your home! Here is a shop called the Cutting Edge and for no more than $50 you can purchase one of her stencils. I am pumped to get a couple to use on a some furniture pieces I have.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Frame + Foto of the Day

Turquoise and Red Picture Frame

The frame is a steal at $16 and I love the colors that will work perfectly with my foto of the day. Here is Nevi, Gib, and Matt dear friends of mine that love the important things in life like I do! Crabbing, the beach, good friends, and great times to name a few!

Work in Progress

Today my "to do" list seems endless but its all a work in progress that will eventually get done!

These finds were $10 and will be looking gorg in a matter of days

This mirror has recieved a facelift...I started by using a razor to clean up the trim

white paint will be covering this guy later today

and the dresser for the nursery I am doing will get its yellow stripes too!

checking one thing off at a time!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Adore Adore

Check out Adore! Another online mag that has so many great ideas and features! This month they turn 1!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Frame + Foto of the Day

10x13 or 11x14 Picture Frame, Caribbean Blue And White Crackle Style

Today's frame is made with a crackle finish which I love because it gives the feel of old and worn in. The foto of the day is of a crew I am happy as hell to call my friends. We are chillin on my parents beach house roof top watching the sunset drinkin some pinot. Lex, Meg, Dan, Claire, and my boy were great house guests that weekend!