Wednesday, July 9, 2014


First things first...I've been slacking this summer on my daily blogging! Being pregnant, getting the house together, bringing in new items to he boutique, and running my biz...lets just say I have been a bit crazy! Thanks for still coming back to read people!
OK back to my post today! I created this wall in the studio last week as an inspiration wall for clients to take a look at when they are getting furniture painted. It was fun and easy! I used a simple white frame and color samples! Check it out!
so fun right?
the outside frames feature finishes: high gloss, semi gloss, satin, eggshell, matte, and flat
It was missing something so I added our hashtag #livecolorful
Happy Hump Day Notebook Readers! Live Colorful!!!!


  1. Colors cheer up any room, it looks fun! I think I saw it on Instagram the other day, I really like your work and site.
    Best, Elba