Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Upcycled Treasures!

One of my girlfriends asked my to help her paint some key items for her living room. She just moved into a great apartment in Bethesda and had an array of furniture that needed to be unified...so what easier way to do that but with paint!
Check out the before and afters!
I see coffee tables like this all the time while thrifting...they go for nothing because they are quite over sized and older looking because if its finish. But with some primer and a fresh coat of semi-gloss white the details of the legs pop and make it a classic piece for any space!

This entertainment center had already been painted white but was not in the best shape. My client gave me full rein of this project so I decided to bring in a grey color that would play off the rug and couch colors!


Check out this amazing side table that she found! She stumbled upon a carpenter walking through a building downtown where he had his work shop and caught a deal because he was going out of business.

I was originally going to paint it red to go with the eclectic sense the piece gives off...but once I painted her white she was too classic! And I fell in love! The best part of this piece is that the top is a tray which can be removed as a server.



Hope everyone has a great day! It is gross and rainy here but we will get through! Have a great Tuesday people!

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