Thursday, May 16, 2013

Gray & White Wash Wonders!

I was recently hired by a client in Chevy Chase, MD to paint a built in bench as well as their fireplace. They live in an amazing home and I am trilled to make it even cosier for this family!
The client requested a white wash with tan and gray undertones for the bench and a white wash with no red brick exposure for the fireplace. This look has become increasingly more popular with big name companies like Restoration Hardware using this finish on many different kinds of pieces like this dining room table.

this finish is going to make this bench look amazing!!!

for the fireplace she wants a more whitewash finish to keep the living room clean and fresh
I will def do enough coats to completely cover the red brick from exposing to give it a more uniform white wash.
more pics to come!
Have a great day people!

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