Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Catalog it!

I'm always happy to hear my friends, readers, and family memebers sharing DIY projects they have sparked enough courage to try! I'm was thrilled to receive an email from a girlfriend, Katie and her and her man, Pat, who just bought a home in Kensington, MD, a cute suburb outside of DC. It's a total fixer upper but they found some really cool pieces going through the house, which was Pat's grandfather home.
One of these cool pieces is an old catalog.  

Check it out!

she had to take off a ton of paper that was applied years ago


sanded it down and ready to prime!

her colors are going to be ivory for the base and drawers and silver metallic for the pulls...keeping it clean and simple! love it!

Here is her inspiration photo...
Can't wait to see the afters..More after pictures to come!!!

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