Monday, April 8, 2013

Locker Time!

DC Design House Piece #3
I posted about this locker a couple weeks ago but I am happy to share with you it's new home!
Designer Regan Billingsley found this piece up in Scranton, PA!
this was a total junk find with amazing bones!
I painted the exterior a deep navy blue and added a bright orange to the drawers to give them a pop of color!
using stencils I made by printing and cutting out letters/numbers from 8 x 11 sheets of paper
I sprayed a PS (public school) number onto the side of the locker to give a touch of originality...PS 117 is a shout out to the public school I taught at for years during my NYC teaching run in Harlem!  
check it out looking all handsome in the room!

final accessories will make the finishing touches on this pieces!!!
love the industrial wheels!!!
You can find this piece over at the 2013 DC Design House!

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