Friday, April 5, 2013

Eyesore to Smokin Steamer!

DC Design House Rehabbed Piece #2
Check out this old steamer trunk that designer Regan Billingsley had me cover to add storage at the foot of the bed in the 2013 DC Design House.
here is the trunk it is original state covered in orange contact paper
I used contact paper to trace out the hardware edges and detail, after cutting out the contact paper with an exacto knife I placed it onto the wallpaper Regan choose and cut it out, then layed it down to double check my cuts, and finally spray adhesived it onto the trunk.

REALLY happy with the turn out!!!
Next up came the suitcase that would be placed on top of the trunk to provide extra storage...check it out here black and covered in stickers with torn edges! After a fresh coat of navy paint it looks like a beauty!!!
my sister bought me this suitcase years ago and I have been saving it to use as a base to a side table made up of stacked books...SO happy I had the opportunity to give it a fresh coat of paint!

They look like a match made in heaven!!!
LOVE it! You can kind of see how they turned out at the base of the bed even though the pic is somewhat dark!
MORE pics to come!!!

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