Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Finds...a yearn for a bigger space!

Hey Hey! Hope everyone is slowly recovering from storm Sandy here on the East Coast! I know many of my friends are heading back to the office and getting back into their daily routine. To celebrate that I am featuring some of my favroaite office spaces!
Boy and I are excited about our future and starting our family! We plan on moving into a house soon and I am THRILLED at this idea. My dream is to have my own office and large work space! Enough to unroll a bolt of fabric and organize all my goodies!
Check out my inspiration spaces!
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now all I need is a monsterous space like this one for all my painting and projects!
every girls gotta dream! It may not be as big and as amazing as some of these spaces but I'll have a space to call my own!
and bigger then mine now!
(this picture is when I first completed my work the expedit shelving unit is stuff filled with fabrics, my sewing machine, threads are all over the place! This picture does no justice for my need of space)

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