Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tired Tile to New

I was over at a client's house picking up a dresser I am rehabbing for their daughter's bedroom. While I was being given a tour of their house I stumbled upon their upstairs bathroom. It has the old 70s style tiling and as you can see it isn't the best color but its definitely not the worse!
I had to featured it today because I know many of my readers have just bought their first homes. And many of you have "to do" lists that you are able to focus on one project at a time and once the first item is completed you run through the prioritized list down!
These clients have their bathroom on their "to do" list but its definitely not the first thing...So I love love love how they took the yellow tile and paired it with a bold navy! The two work together very well and it doesn't look like such an eye sore!
So Notebook readers always remember that there are solutions for spaces in your home that aren't at the top of your list!

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