Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Finding Fabric for Less!

One of my clients had me over to help pick out fabrics to cover her amazing wing chairs and to  accessorize with some trimmed out throw pillows. She had already started her search at Calico Corners for fabric. She found this amazing Charlotte Moss fabric for $42.99 per yard she wants to use for the throws and I knew I could find it for less!
we are having slip covers made out of the navy velvet and the throws will be made out of the Charlotte Moss fabric as seen in both pics
here is the fabric swatch from Calico...42.99. I have them beat!
I found the same fabric online at a discount store for almost half the price!

I found this over at Decorative Fabric Direct for 27.50!
Thrift Tip: Always look online before committing to paying a chunk of change for the same product in-store.
Happy Wednesday Notebook Readers!

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