Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Wrap!

This weekend I threw a baby shower for one of my best friends, Emily. We had all the girl in town, which was my favorite part. It was so nice to have everyone together!
I used green and yellow for the theme because Emily has notfouond out what she is having!
I created a mocktail for all the pregnant woman at he shower called the Elphick(Emily's last name) Epidural. It was a hit! 3/4 fresca, 1/4 sprite, watermelon and catelope balls, and if you can add a splash of white wine! Yum!
I purchased and assembled these paper straws off Etsy. It is a cute, inexpensive way to add your theme colors onto the table.
Love these cookies! A friend from high school has a small compnay called Kristina's Confections, check out out site under the Notebook sponsors!
Love the way it all came together!!!
And so was Emily!
The mocktails went quick with this crowd!!!
Here is Aileen and Therese with two of the many babies present Saturday!
A late night group shot! I threw the shower from 3-6 so it was fun for all of us to hang out afterwards! Miss you ladies already!

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