Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Finds...Gorgeous Shiny Things!

I found this blog the other day and what can I say...WOW she is talented! Introducing to all my Notebook readers...this is Danika Herrick out of Boston, MA! Her blog is Gorgeous Shiny Things! I wanted to share one of her talented DIY projects! Here is her hand painted trellis wall!

So here is how it is done...

Find your inspiration, pattern or design you are obsessed with, in my case it was Quadrille's China Seas Trellis Background, or just make one up if you are super talented. Next map it out and figure out your scale. I guessed at the scale and decided I would make the square panels roughly 12" wide. After studying the image I found online for hours and mapping it out in my head, I taped the sections out and free handed the pattern with a Sharpie. The good thing about this trellis is that it was rather loose so it hid my mistakes. Another trick is to draw your design out and have it blown up to scale at a copy shop. That way you can just trace it and it is scaled out to your liking.

AMAZING!!! What a great idea and an easy DIY! If you can't draw out a pattern ask a friend! Tape, paint, and enjoy!


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