Thursday, April 19, 2012

$1,115 or $20

I saw this art installation on OKL originally marked at $1,115 down to $599...let me tell you you can make this creation for under $20.

Zig Zag Wall Panels Set

Materials needed:

-half of sheet of plywood
-a circular saw(to cut the wood into three pieces...but you can have someone at your local big box store to cut the wood for you!)
-painters tape
-can of white spray paint(to lightly spray the first pass on the plywood)
-small roller(to apply the yellow paint)
-quart of yellow paint


1. Cut plywood into three pieces
2. lightly spray the front of the plywood with the white paint
3. tape the wood in a zig zag or chevron pattern
4. roll on yellow paint
5. remove tape
6. enjoy!

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