Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Finds...DIY Ornaments!

 Happy Friday Notebook readers! Yesterday I blogged about DIY Ornaments...well last night I was glue gun happy and made a bunch for my orange, gray, white, and navy themed Christmas tree!

I purchased a large hole puncher

Heated up my glue gun

got out some ribbon to use as the hooks on my ornaments

punched out gray, white, and navy card stock with my new large hole puncher

purchased styrafoam balls


After applying glue onto the Styrofoam ball I place a short length of ribbon then began gluing on the paper dots. For the yarn wrapped ornaments I used a small dot of glue and began wrapping the yarn until the ball was fully covered!

Once again sorry for the dark pics...I just asked boy for a nice new digi camera...hopefully it pops up in my stocking!

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