Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Family Ties with Style

I was up in NY for Thanksgiving which I spent at my aunt's house. Her husband and her have amazing taste...very Ralph Lauren. Here are some shoots I took of their adode! Her newly decorated sunroom has got to be my fav! Some of the pics are a little dark but you can see her style beaming through!

Love the gold tracks holding their prints!

Newly sprayed gray outdoor furniture is a quick and easy way to update any space!

Love the pop of pink off the gray!

Collection of old canes...grouping similar items gives big impact

love these native american prints hung through the hallway

corner chair with a nautical needle pointed pillow

flanking a heavy set fireplace like this one is a great way to frame it out and form a cozy spot. love the mills work running all the way to the ceiling

a large mirror flanked by equestrian prints brings the eye up from the dainty entryway table

Thanks for sharing your space Callahan Family!!!

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