Thursday, June 5, 2014

I'll take those!

If you are a new reader Welcome! But many of to know Boy and I have just bought our first house...we have been working hard on getting it together before our first baby arrives...many firsts firsts this year :)...anyways I have been looking about about 6 months for a set of two rattan arm chairs that didn't cost me an arm and a leg...don't get me wrong if I could pay $400 a chair I would because I'm obsessed with this style but many of us can' Ballard and Jonathan Adler I'm sorry but hunted down this pair for $250!
Check out the before and afters
You could say they aren't really my style so I transformed them by painting them a metallic gold and adding navy indoor/outdoor fabric. I used the indoor and outdoor fabric in preparation for the kiddo being here
They are going to be our new desk chairs~ I have to get a B pillow for Boy :) just kidding! Happy Thursday people!

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