Thursday, May 29, 2014

DIY ALERT! Acylic Rod and Greek Key Finials!!!

So I was super pumped for this DIY...acrylic curtain rod with greek key finials. who would ask for anything more? Check out how I got from a bunch of parts to a one of a kind curtain rod...oh and the panels I sewed are perfection(maybe not the seam but the print of them :))
I used square wooden dowels and cut them 2" and the smaller turn pieces 1"
I then added Gorilla glue and put a little tape around them until the glue set
for the finial ends I used 1 1/4" PVC pipe end caps. I drilled a hole then a screw into the end cap
I then used painters tape to smooth out the screw ridges
I then used the Gorilla glue again to place the greek key shaped finial onto the end cap
Here is the fabric and acrylic rod I purchased from US Plastic. I purchased a hollow acrylic rod for $53 for two 6ft...such a good deal! The fabric is Dwell for $21 a yard from
Check it out!
Yes the ceiling in the guest is green! More detail on this room to come!!!

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