Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up!

Hey Notebook Readers! Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a good weekend...Boy and I stayed busy with my high school reunion and my nieces birthday party.

Great decoration! Our school colors are yellow and green :)

here are some of the girls from Friday night! I was class agent helping organize and get of class together for this event so I was happy to see everyone! Our class only had 109 girls, yes I went to an all girls school, so our 25 women turn out was great!
here is my best friend Claire and I! So happy she came into town! Look at my prego belly!!!
Here is the "green gate" a piece of Visitation that I historic to graduation when entering into society!
Any after the excitement of Friday and Saturday I had my nieces 2nd bday which my sister killed it...checkout her decorations! She should be queen of Pinterest!
Alligator theme with Lilly colors was a big hit! Keep getting creative!!!

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