Tuesday, April 22, 2014

ScaleUp your Space-DIY

Hey Notebook Readers! Happy Tuesday...hope everyone is settling into the work week. Here is the DIYI promised. Scale art!
I used cardstock and this amazing ET cutter that allows you to cut anywhere from1" to 6" circles. It was a life saver to say the least!
Then I got cutting. The tool was easy to use so it went by quickly. I made 6" cuts. Save the extra cardstock for projects in the future since you will have extra !
I then layered the circles in rows staple gunning them down to a piece of thin MDF. You could glue them to cardboard too!
After I applied the circles I wanted to paint them gold :) I used spray paint which was very easy and quick
Check them out! Just love them. I was thinking you could paint them in an ombre affect too :) Happy DIYing!

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