Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up!

The weekend was filled with client consultations, work at the studio, birthday party at Union Market, and a whole lot of creative thinking! Oh and did I mention snow removal...

So happy to know a friend who runs a great snow removal business otherwise we would have been up a creek without a paddle at the studio since we live in the middle of a hill!

I sewed this 14" x 40" rectangular bolster pillow! Love the outcome! 

 I met with a client that has a bunch of pieces to be painted before March 1st for her mothers 80th birthday party at her it will be a fun project! Time to get working. Love her...check out the inspiration picture she showed me for this side table! 

It's always nice to have a client as into the rehab as you are! 

Fun times at Union Market downtown in NE Washington DC! So many fun vendors, restaurants, and bars. I got sloppy joe's for Boy and I for dinner at one place, then fresh cheddar and jalapeno rolls at another, and mac salad & Mac and cheese at another YUM! made for a great Sunday night dinner! 

Hope every one has a great week! I'm excited to show you some projects I'm working on this week!!! AHHHH let's just say prototype! 

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