Monday, January 6, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up!

Hey Notebook Readers! Hope everyone is doing well! I have started off this Monday at a client's I'm off to the studio to get creative crafting! More to come there...As for this flew by right? Now a full week of work! We can do it! 

This weekend was fun adding accessories and a new table to the studio retail space! Love this rattan dining room table that I painted navy...the piece of glass on top weighs about 150lbs. It took Boy and I some heavy duty lifting to get it on the base. 

loving the new retail items too! Silver, glass and brass oh my!

Next I painted this sign for a client who's daughter just bought the most amazing house in MA. I was happy to help her design the sign! Loved doing the Irish infinity sign! Need one of these for the house that Boy and I haven't bought yet...ahhh can't wait for that day! 

Off to Craigslist...I posted a ton of old furniture on Craigslist to have a New Years cleanse. This piece I found on craiglists and just cant get rid of it! Can't wait to paint it a high gloss white this week and find a spot for it in the studio! Or maybe it can come home with Boy and I...

HAPPY MONDAY PEOPLE! Wishing everyone a very happy first full week in 2014! Big year for McNamara Design and Boy and I!!!

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